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How a band got scanned for life-size dolls
The Bleeding Hearts Club Band
Which the members got scanned
In a 3d printer
Just last winter
To be their images
In life-size dolls
To be given
To their palls
Parents and love ones.

And Dan,
Who's the guitarist of the band
Asked the Club's publicists, Pam
To send dolls
To the President of the Republic,
Who's a fan of the band
And member of the Club
Which everyone thought
That the President was a pheasant
And a resident
Of another country.

Sam the Ram,
Who got scammed,
And found justice
On a beach
On the shores
of Lake Michigan
In the good old USA,
Is a fan
Of the Band
Which he received
Dolls from Pam
Whom he knew.

Not everyone liked the dolls.
John, who tends to be sleepy,
Thought the dolls looked creepy.
And, the actress Tippi
Thought the dolls looked dippy,
But her granddaughter Dakota
Loved them though.

That's all for the life-sized dolls
Of the Band
Which they were grand.
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