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Episode IV: Part III - Stargazer rendezvouses with the Vulcan Starship T’Vahl
Part III

Stardate: April 04, 2097

Where the hell am I? Lindsey thought, slowly awakening and finding herself on what appeared to be a makeshift hospital gurney. Her arms were secured at the wrists, her legs secured at the ankles with a belt around her waistline. She looked anxiously around the large, dark room with a ceiling that seemed to extend upward into indefinite darkness. “Hello!” she yelled. “Is someone here?” Shouting repeatedly, Lindsey struggled with the restraints securing her to the gurney. Shifting around to the extent her restraints would allow, she caught sight of a diminutive figure approaching. She immediately recognized the strange creature to be the same or identical as the two beings encountered in Roberts stateroom. Approximately four and a half feet in height, thin, silvery grey in appearance, with a large, hairless head, almond shaped eyes, and slits for a nose and mouth.

"[Do not be afraid. You will not be harmed],” the words forming in her mind, becoming clearer and more pronounced as the being moved closer. Standing over the restrained security officer and mesmerized by the alien’s dark oval eyes, she felt a strange, but tranquil peacefulness.

“Where am I? Why am I here? Where have you taken my friend?” Lindsey calmly asked out loud.

The alien being was soon joined by two other Greys. “[Your friend is safe and unharmed]," another thought forming in her mind. "[You will be re-united soon. Please remain calm]."


"Captain, we’re being hailed by the Vulcan starship, T’Vahl," Xuriya announced, spinning around in her seat.

Foxwell stood. “On screen.”

“T'nar pak sorat y’rani,” Captain Strojok cooly announced, his deadpan expression and presence filling the viewing screen.

Foxwell wheeled around, an expectant gaze directed at his communications officer.

“It’s vulcan, Captain. It’s a generic form of greeting in their language,” Xuriya translated.

“That’s why I turned in your direction, Lieutenant. I’m aware you have a rudimentary knowledge of the vulcan language.”

Beta left her science station and joined Foxwell, both walking closer to the main viewer. “Thank you for the greeting, Captain Storjok,” Foxwell began. "We were expecting your hail."

With a stiff and unwavering demeanor, Strojok continued. “I am aware of your preliminary briefing with Galactic Fleet Command regarding your mission,” Strojok continued. “You and your away team will gather in the shuttle bay at 1600 hours. Our transporter personnel will beam the entire party aboard the T’Vahl for further orientation and briefing. I look forward to meeting you in person, Captain,” Strojok concluded. The main viewing screen went dark.

Foxwell smirked. “Talk about getting to the point ... that was textbook,” he blurted, somewhat baffled and still focused on the blank viewing screen.

"Vulcans don’t usually mince words," Beta noted. “At least not until they become more acquainted.”

Foxwell turned around, his face contorted in frustration. “Yeah, yeah, I know all about vulcan psychology; how they’re compelled to conduct themselves using logic and sound judgment; how they’re sometimes viewed as being cold and arrogant in their dealings with humans, etc..,” he muttered on.

“All true,” Beta noted. “But they haven’t been wrong in any of our previous collaborations. Perhaps it would … “

“We’ve got two missing crew members,” Foxwell retorted, cutting her off. “Whatever else we are ordered to do, Lindsey and Roberts are my priority. Is that understood?”

“Affirmative,” Beta replied, looking somewhat baffled.

Sighing, Foxwell rendered an apologetic smile. “Beta, your briefings are always very informative. What time have you scheduled the conference regarding the Greys?

“1500 hours.”


The Greys removed Lindsey’s uniform. Beginning the exam in a supine position, they plucked strands of her hair, took clippings of her nails, and scrapings of her skin. The samples were inserted into clear glass tubes. Using a straw-sized silvery probe, they examined her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, the results displayed on a separate video monitor. Electrodes were connected to her head, upper torso and limbs, with wires leading to what appeared to be a separate, three-dimensional monitor, its display completely unfamiliar. After spraying her abdomen with a cold, clear fluid, the leader painlessly inserted a large needle through her navel. They placed her feet into stirrups at the end of the table. Gazing at medical instruments completely foreign to her, the beings prepared their human captive for what appeared to be a gynecological exam. When she resisted, the leader placed the tip of his index finger on her forehead, inducing a deeper, more submissive trance. Continuing their examination, the alien beings collected samples of saliva, blood, urine, and a small amount of lymphatic tissue and uterine fluid. Satisfied the examination was thorough and complete, they removed the abdominal needle and electrodes, followed by unlocking her restraints. After helping Lindsey don her uniform, she was assisted into a sitting position on the examining table.

Feeling confused and disoriented, the young ensign looked around the cold and unfamiliar room. “Why are you doing this?” she asked.

“[Would you like us to take you to your friend]?" the leader transmitted by thought, ignoring her question.

Despondent and feeling helpless, she tearfully whispered, “I would, yes.

Captain’s Ready Room 1500 hours:

Department heads seated, the Captain and First Officer entered the ready room after assigning the conn to the Helmsman and Navigator. “Senior Officers,” Foxwell began, “your presence here today is for receipt of additional information regarding new mission orders per our previous meeting. Beta has completed the necessary research and will conduct the briefing. Please give her your undivided attention.” Turning his head in the direction of his science officer and nodding, Foxwell took a step back, leaning against a bare bulkhead, his arms folded.

Reaching up, Beta grabbed and pulled down a monitor, adjusting the screen until a star map appeared. Stepping away from the table with the monitor's remote in her hand, she began her briefing: “Zeta Reticuli is a binary star system consisting of Zeta Reticuli 1, and its larger cousin, Zeta Reticuli 2, both located in the southern constellation of Reticulum in the Milky Way Galaxy. Distance from Earth is 39.3 light years. Both stars share nearly identical characteristics with our Earth’s sun. A planet orbiting Zeta Reticuli 2 was in September 1996. Over time, three additional planets have been discovered, the fourth planet confirmed to be in their star's habitable zone, and purportedly the home of the Greys.

“What is our mission regarding these beings?” Chief of Security Warwick chimed in.

Foxwell moved away from the bulkhead. “You’re getting a little ahead of yourself, Lieutenant,” he interjected. “However, in answer your question, it is my intention to form an away team; we will beam aboard the Vulcan starship T’Vahl, where another briefing by the Vulcans will be mission specific regarding the Greys. Foxwell turned and gazed at his science officer. “Please continue.”

Strolling over the faces of the Stargazer’s senior officers, Beta resumed her briefing. “As stated previously, the fourth orbiting planet is known as Zeta 2 Reticulum 4. Research and persistent allegations over past decades are that the Greys most frequently described in alien encounters and abductions derive from this fourth planet. They are described as humanoid creatures, with smooth, grey colored skin, large heads, and dark, almond shaped eyes. Subsequent examination of Grey aliens who have fallen into our possession dating back to 1947 have lead to their reclassification as an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, or EBE. Basically, they are humanoid robots rather than life forms, specifically engineered for long distance travel through space and time.”

Exchanging glances, the Stargazer’s senior officers fidgeted uneasily in their chairs. An agitated Rivera raised a hand, chopping at the air in an effort to gain attention.

“You want to say something ... or ask a question, doctor?” Beta uttered.

Rivera pushed his chair back and stood. After a quick gaze at his colleagues, he turned and looked at Beta. "We all have an elementary knowledge of the Greys, commander, dating back to when we were kids. We’re aware of the stories regarding abductions, implants, animal mutilations, shadowing and buzzing of our military installations and nuclear facilities, and general surveillance of Earth, although it’s alleged their activity is not limited to only our planet. And for the record, let me make it clear I am not minimizing the danger regarding the abduction of Roberts and Lindsey. Their location and safe return are of utmost priority.”

Foxwell stepped forward. “Get to the point, doctor.”

Clearing his throat, Doctor Rivera continued. “The point is, we’ve tolerated their ‘intrusion’ into human affairs for more than a century. Now suddenly, there’s a renewed urgency regarding these creatures and what they’re doing, otherwise the Stargazer would not have been ordered to Zeta Reticuli. I’m fairly certain I speak for all the senior officers when I say we’re anxious to know what that urgency is.”

The ready room intercom flashed a hailing signal. Walking toward the companel, Foxwell uttered, "this is the captain."

“Sorry for the interruption, Captain,” the navigator broke in. “The helmsman and I thought you’d like to know we’re now on a parallel course with the T’Vahl ... both vessels proceeding at one quarter impulse power.

“Very well, Ensign. Maintain present course and speed.”

“Aye, sir.”

Foxwell turned and locked eyes with Rivera. "You know what I know, doctor. As stated previously, more information will be forthcoming after we beam aboard the T'Vahl. For the record, the only urgency I’m presently concerned with is the safe return of Lindsey and Roberts.”

Rivera sighed. "Amen to that."

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