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Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2265865
A monster flying on a Plane next to Two passengers.
It's hard to be a
Furry monster
Like me.
I'm flying on a
Plane next to
Two gentlemen
Who are looking
The other way
From me as if
They're terrified
Of me.

Then, I read
A book of short stories
From a guy names
One of the stories
Is about a guy
On an airliner
Sees a monster
On the wing
Of the plane
Eating the plane.
He tries to warn
The flight crew,
They don't believe

Besides, I don't eat
I love composite materials.

That Matheson guy
Wrote for that
Anthology series,
And that story
Was the basis
For an episode.

I'm starting to be
Terrified of them as
They are of me.
I see a policeman
Seated next to a
Prisoner that
He's escorting
Across the aisle
Of the plane.
Are the gentlemen
Seated next to me
Going to grab the gun
In the policeman holster
And try to kill me?
I wish that
We are on the gro
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