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Romance was on the menu. (Yes I am that corny!)
She is sitting in the window near the door,
And he's quite sure he's seen her there before.
He's partaking of his customary seat,
Hoping he can engineer, a chance to meet.

For he's never seen a woman with such style,
And he wishes they could, maybe talk a while.
For he'd like to get to know her for a spell.
Romance could bloom, perhaps, if all went well.

He bribed a waiter to check if there's a ring.
And the answer was, there's no such thing.
So sure she's watching him beneath her veil,
He approaches her, like some holy grail.

May he join her? Would she really mind?
Takes a seat, โ€œThanks you're so very kind.โ€
She's so hungry, she could really eat a horse.
It's going well as they start on their first course.

Could he tempt her to share a bottled wine.
Yes she'd love to, she has lots, and lots of time.
And love blossoms as they share a dainty dish.
The lucky man, has really got his wish.

She tells him, that he has totally made her day.
That they found each other at the Glad Cafe.
When they leave together hand in hand,
Both are thinking "Ain't life grand."
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