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How big does Sky get? Will she inflate again?
Sky lived a stressful life. She worked as an IT worker at an office building, where almost everything constantly went wrong. She was 1 of 3 IT workers, so it was very stressful to be running up and down the stairs 30 times a day when people need you. Then she was called up to HR. Sky knew that meant trouble. She walked up the stairs ALL the way up to the top floor, and nervously entered. The boss was sitting behind his desk.

"Sky! Come, come take a seat." the boss happily said.

"Oh no..." Sky thought to herself. She walked over to the desk and pulled up a chair. She sat down, and she slumped down a bit to where the boss couldn't see her.

"Sit up!" the boss said.

Sky grunted and quickly said something.

"WHATEVER IT IS, I DIDN'T DO IT!!!" she blurted. She slapped her hand over her mouth. The boss was looking at her like she was cray.

"Sky, calm down... you're not in trouble..." the boss said. Sky sighed in relief and plopped back down into the chair.

"I just wanted to tell you that you deserve a day off... go get something to eat, or go get some rest... you've been working too hard these past few weeks..." the boss said.

"T-Thank you, sir!!!" Sky said happily. She bounced out of the room, zipped down the stairs to the department her cubicle was in, grabbed her backpack, and jogged to her car. When she entered the car, she tossed her backpack into the backseat, pulled out her phone, and checked her notifications. There was an ad that had popped up that read: "The best invention ever! Limited Edition Blueberry Flavored Bubble Gum!!! Go on down to your local convenience store and get yourself a pack or two today!". Sky didn't notice the text at the bottom that read: "May cause body inflation."

"Ah, some gum... that's what I need..." Sky said, turning her car on. She had loved to chew gum-- she found it relaxing and relieving. So, she headed down to the local On-Cute, and bought a few packs. She then took them home, and read the packs.

The pack read: "Be sure to stand outside while chewing, or else the gum won't GlOw In ThE dArK!!!"

"Hmm? Glow-in-the-dark bubble gum? And it's blueberry flavor?!?! Awesome!!!" Sky said as she took a stick out and popped it in her mouth. She began to chew, and her skin began to fade to violet.

"W-What-- what's happening--?!" Sky said, confused. Her skin continued to fade into a dark violet, and her stomach started growling. Her belly pudged outwards, and began to expand. Her shirt began to ride up her belly as it inflated. But her belly wasn't the only thing getting bigger-- her breasts and buttocks got in on the action, too. Soon, her clothes were getting very tight.

"W-WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?!?!?!" Sky yelled as her expanding belly grew bigger. Her hands and feet sunk into her belly as it grew outwards, and eventually, she couldn't touch the ground. Her clothes ripped, leaving Sky in only her bra and underwear. She continued to swell, and blueberry juice started leaking out of her breasts and skin. Her bra and underwear were stained dark purple, and she continued to grow bigger until she stopped inflating. She was now the size of a commercial construction dump-truck, and her belly was growling, sloshing, and gurgling.

"Mmf--" Sky mumbled as her head slowly sunk into her belly. Soon, the only part of her head visible was her nose and eyes. She could still speak, though. Sky then realized that this... transformation felt very good, as it made her comfortable somehow. But that wasn't all-- she had random growth spurts, some that happened periodically, and some just out of the blue. She got bigger, and bigger, until her belly started to creak, and she realized what would happen.

"MMF!!!" she yelled, muffled. But nobody was around to help. Sky knew her fate-- so she just decided to accept it. She let herself grow bigger... and bigger... and bigger... until *BLAM!!!*

She had burst, letting blueberry juice fly in the air. She realized she wasn't dead, it was just a form of letting all the juice out. She rubbed her head and stood up, her being clothed with just a bra and panties. She ran into her house and got some different clothes on, and rubbed her blonde hair.

"Oh god... that felt AWESOME!!!" she exclaimed. She realized she was way more flexible now, as she could bend her elbow in the opposite way, as opposed to not being able to do it before her transformation.

"Hmm... should I do it again?" she asked herself as she moved her body in ways never thought possible.
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