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A story about a young man and his weird, crazy neighbor.
Jack heard screams coming from his neighbor's house every Friday evening. There would always be 3 screams, then a maniacal laugh. He knew something was up, so he decided to phone 911.

"Hello?" Jack asked.

"911, what's your emergency?" the operator questioned.

"I think somebody is being murdered at my neighbor's house..." Jack told the operator.

"Okay, what is the address?" the operator asked.

"It's 1919 Dinger Avenue..." Jack replied.

"We're sending out a unit now. Could you tell me when this murder happened, who you saw around the house...?" the operator asked.

"No... I was sleeping, and I just heard screams..." Jack said.

"Okay, thank you for your call." the operator said, and Jack hung up.

The police arrived at the house, only to see that nobody was murdered. It was just his neighbor and the neighbor's son playing together. The neighbor was getting his son, tickling him, explaining the laughing, and playing tag with his son, explaining the screaming.

"False alarm, boys." the chief said before getting back in his cruiser. They then drove back to the station.
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