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Why I've decided to discontinue my time on writing.com in exchange for more control
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against this website.

However, I find the lack of overall control, compounded with the number of portfolio items available to me (I don't have a job because I'm not old enough for one) rather stifling.

When I dream of my ideal website, it is a blank black page with lots of blue little hyperlinks leading to pages filled to the brim with more links, each which leads to the chapter of a story. This is impossible...

Without making my own website.

So, after about an hour of feeling nauseous from stress, I made that web dream a reality.

I will leave my current things up on writing.com for people to see, as a kind of 'advertising' for my new website. If it's any better, I'll be continuing the story I started here, so there is a reason to check it out.

The new website is:


I'll be making the hyperlink tree of my dreams here. If you want to check it out and watch it grow, please do! Visitors are always welcome.

Thank you for having me here, and remember to stay cool.
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