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by SSpark
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A power is lost. Which one?
28 Lines

A job to do, it cannot wait
A thorny vine across the gate
Will cut me up, and that's a fact
If left to roam, when I don't act.

I'll grab the shears, put on the gloves
March to the gate, shoo off the doves
Hack up that vine, and bit by bit
Cast it away, I'll bury it.

I'm in the barn, now what was that?
It scurried off, was it a cat?
The light in here was never good
I cannot see, I wish I could.

That cat, where did the blame thing go?
I don't like cats, does it not know?
I'll hunt it down like it hunts mice
I'll find it and I won't be nice.

Turn on the light, what do I see?
A snake that's staring back at me
Where is the cat? I need it now
Throw off the beast, I don't know how.

I shut my eyes, I cannot bear
To look into his blinkless stare
A moment then a moment more
I wake up and my body's sore.

I'm in the barn, I know not why
I think, I moan, and then I sigh
Another time I've lost my mind
A power lost, the mental kind.

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