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Cheeseburgers and Heaven
A Cheeseburger in Paradise .

A Cheeseburger in paradise oh how nice
Or is a cheeseburger for some it’s own kind of paradise
Two big brown round buns maybe toasted
Hon one on top and one on the bottom
Followed by one big juicy well cooked piece of meat
Oh what a treat
Topped with any type of cheese you like if you please
Next comes mayo ,ketchup and or mustard maybe
It’s making me a little flustered just thinking on it
Then a pickle or two if you like
Sweet or dill your choose
Lettuce and tomato can go last if that’s to your delight
Your burger is fixed just right
Oh I know you just can’t wait to take a bite
Much like preparation for Heaven
You have prepared your heart
You have let the Savior in
Your relationship with your Savior is just right
You have finished you race
You are ready to see your Lord face to face
Heaven is your reward for putting your faith in Christ and walking with him all your life
Now you will hear my good and faithful servant come into paradise.
I wonder will there be cheeseburgers in paradise because that could be nice
Cheeseburgers and Heaven if everything has been prepared just right it will truly be paradise.

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