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The Season 3 Transfer market opens Monday night, so we have a look at the biggest stories
Transfer Market Opens Up! Who is safe?

Courting Collin?
We start off with the case of Collin Hogenberg, who has shown himself to be almost unbeatable in equal cars and luck, with monstrous F1 performances in Baku for example, and domination of F2 until Austria. The junior series champion-in-waiting will surely be looking to make a jump to a team able to give him a championship level car for Season 3 of F1. Likely landing places include Red Bull, where he showed off his pure pace in Season 2, pulling away to lead from every safety car, and ultimately winning by a wide margin. Other potential teams may be Red bulls rival Mercedes, or even Woking outfit McLaren, the parent team to DAMS, where Collin spent his days in F2. We can all make guesses, but only time will tell where this force of nature will end up.

McLaren's tricky Three-Way
McLaren managed to turn their season one struggles around with a strong showing so far this season, but it seems that Team Principal Namelesspie seems to be struggling from success for the transfer window. A source who wishes to remain anonymous in the Woking outfit told us that the boss wishes to retain his current drivers bag and Andrej, but also has Collin in his F2 team, who needs just a single point to win that championship. Namelesspie must surely be considering the possibility that the dutchman would sign for his parent team, putting the boss in a tricky situation with three great drivers, and only two spaces for them, and risking losing out to a competitor if the driver that doesn't make the cut out drives those that do.

Michael to Mercedes?
Thsi is probably out of left field, but bear with me for this one. Michael has, for most of his time in Red Bull, played second fiddle to his teammate, and while he has played that job as close to perfection as he could, he may find his seat in jeopardy should boss Jspence manage to net Collin for season 3. In this case, it is likely that Michael may be relieved from duty in Milton Keynes, as Dutchman Bennie has outperformed him since arriving from sister team AlphaTauri at mid season. Should this come to pass, the pieces would be there for Mercedes boss Knvite to pick up and bring both Irishmen on the paddock into one team, adding Michael to F1 Championship leader Kogoda.

Boring housekeeping here
I know there was a bit of a gap between the transfer windows, but I was struggling to come up with good storylines from the races every week. So from now on, I'll try to get something out each week, but I might miss out on a few weeks of there's just not enough to write about.
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