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WINNER - 2022 WDC HeartThrob Poet Contest. Prompt: Sonnet w/ “My heart burns for you.”
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Romantic Blue

Do you know you're the only one who dared
on the grains of time where we used to run?
Wonder if you noticed how much I stared,
your green eyes lying: we're just having fun.

Felt warm skin upon my hand when we climbed
to mounts where down all seemed small and lonely,
to the waves on our shores that marked our time,
wrote clues in sand washed out for nobody.

Do you know your cameos in my dreams
comfort me whenever I'm lost in doubt,
but wake to despair without you it seems,
sun revealing you're no longer about?

Written high on pale, true romantic blue,
Summer reveals still my heart burns for you.

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Memory of a perfect moment fading with time. 2020 WDC Heart Throb Poet Winner.
#2213763 by BoreUs Karloff Compton

Sonnet, 14 lines, abab cdcd efef gg

Key: pale, romantic blue emotively poetic for sky
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