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Can one individual do it alone? If that individual is Gavor Dannic, he can.

Gavor Dannic

     A single red Power Ball comes out a Long Weapon. And a few seconds later it hits the side of the head of a walking individual. As he is falling to the ground dead, the others around him start looking from where this ball has come from. One more Professional taken out. About twenty-five more to kill before I enter this residence, thinks Gavor Dannic.

     The Long Weapon suddenly falls beside a small barefoot and lower leg. Two-Hand Weapons are placed on the hands of Gavor. Gavor flexes them in front of him. Then he turns them to show a red oblong thin line on each one of his palms. At the red lines that are almost to the top of them. About two thousand Power Balls per Hand Weapon. That should be plenty of balls to solve this problem, thinks Gavor.

     Grabbing a small extended tree branch, Gavor uses it to sit down on the end of the cliff above a residence below him. Dangling his legs over the edge there, Gavor leans forward. Using leaves and tree branches to cover most of his body, he starts slowly looking around the trees down there.

     I have been here for the last six hours, thinks Gavor. And there have been a lot of Professionals walking around the outside of this residence. But I haven’t seen any among the trees.

     With his hand still gripping this extended tree branch, Gavor slides over the side of this cliff edge. After letting go of that branch, Gavor slowly starts sliding down the side of it. About halfway down he suddenly stops. May have been wrong about the Professionals. I think I just saw a few heading into the trees below me, thinks Gavor.

     Adjusting his slide slightly, Gavor continues his slide. Entering these trees just beyond where the two Professionals enter. Using one of the large trees there, Gavor peeks around it to look in the direction of where they are at. At first, he doesn’t see them. Gavor stops looking when he does. He quickly flattens his back to this large tree. A few seconds later he peeks around it again. They don’t appear to have noticed me, thinks Gavor.

     Using the trees as cover, Gavor sneaks around to be behind them. Watching every step he makes to be sure he doesn’t make any noise. Once he gets to them, he grabs both of their necks from behind with his hand weapons. They almost instantly start shaking wildly as he turns his hands to snap heads slightly. After letting go, they slip to the ground already dead.

     Gavor places a small black circle on the sides of each of their necks. A few seconds later a red glow covers their bodies completely. Suddenly, it disappears. Gavor is standing up and slowly looking around him as the bodies disappear too. Doesn’t look like anyone has noticed what I have done, thinks Gavor.

     As he continues to scan the area, Gavor steps behind a large tree. Then he peeks around it in the direction where they came from. Squinting his eyes, he can barely see some of the Professionals as they continue to walk around this residence. I’m almost ready to start my attack, thinks Gavor.

     Don’t know if I will be able to contact you if I need help. But I don’t think I will. This problem is a simple one, Gavor continues thinking. Keep watching me. If I do need help, I will try to contact you.

     After walking to the edge of these trees, Gavor stops suddenly. He starts counting the Professionals there. Each time he sees one he holds up a different finger or thumb from his hand weapons. Once he finishes with one hand, he continues with the other hand. Gavor continues doing it like this until he finishes counting all twenty-seven of them.

     Most are walking in pairs around this residence. The other Professionals are in standing positions on this residence in different areas above the ground. Gavor smiles. He points his hands at the Professionals above him. But only one red ball comes out of the fingers pointing at them. A red glow covers their bodies. And then they disappear too. The Professionals below don’t appear to know what is happening above them. They continue walking around this residence. But the others above them do.

     Some react to what is happening to the others. And some start looking where this attack is coming from. Before any of them can fire back, the others above them are killed by Gavor. As he starts killing them, he begins moving around this residence. Once he finishes killing all of them, he aims his weapons at the ones on the ground. He starts killing them in the same way.

     Only these professionals react differently. Some fall to the grounds. And some seek cover wherever they can find it. The ones who find cover either step into some darkness near them or they start using the trees to protect themselves. They also start using their hand weapons in the direction where Gavor is firing his among the trees there.

     Gavor is constantly on the move. After killing one or two of the Professionals near each other, he moves to a new location to continue his attack. They do try to kill him. And a few red balls do get near him. But even they are over his head.


     Walking around this residence three times, Gavor doesn’t see any more Professionals on the outside of it. He stops walking at almost the same spot where he starts his attack against them. Now he’s squinting his eyes again to get a better look inside where he’s about to go. He sees a lot of Professionals in there too.

     Like the ones on the outside, they are in pairs walking around this residence. It doesn’t appear the Professionals on the inside know what has happened outside. At least none of them are reacting to it so far, thinks Gavor.

     Sooner or later they will, though. I don’t think that I will have any problems getting past them. But once they notice there is no one outside, they will react to it. Without thinking another word, Gavor enters this residence between three pairs of walking Professionals.

     Staying flat with his back to the walls, Gavor sidesteps down an empty hallway. Using the darkness to hide him. Gavor stops at the end of this hallway. He cocks his head slightly. After a few seconds, he peeks around the corner into another hallway. No one is in this one either.

     Something is wrong here. I have checked three levels. And I have only seen a few Professionals. Gavor continues sidestepping down this hallway in the darkness of it as he’s thinking.

     Gavor suddenly stops to look at the small flat circle in his hand weapon. According to her heat readings, our problem is still here. She is two levels before me. So are a lot of Professionals. It appears they are protecting her now instead of walking around. I can still get to her. But it’s not going to be easy to do.

     I think they know someone is here. That’s why there is no more walking. Thinks Gavor as he continues to sidestep down this hallway. Until he gets to the end of it. He looks at his palm after stopping again.

     There should be an air opening somewhere near me. But I haven’t found it yet, thinks Gavor. It’s too small for any of the other Professionals here. It isn’t for someone my size, though. I shouldn’t have any problems getting to her from it. At least it won’t be if I can ever find it.

     Gavor smiles. They have hidden it well. But I have found it. Gavor uses a thin metal hook that comes out of his hand weapon after he touches a small button on the side of it. He uses this hook to open a circle on the level there. Once it’s open, he jumps into it.

     Looking up, Retinna sees a small circle appear on the level above her. A few seconds later Gavor slides out of it. “You are the one who has come to help me?”

     “I expected she would send someone. Maybe even a lot of you. But I never thought it would be someone like you,” says Retinna as she helps Gavor get up.

     “If you don’t want my help, I can just leave.” Gavor starts walking toward the only entrance there.

     Retinna runs to stop by placing her hand on his shoulder. “No, no, no, no. I want your help. Just didn’t think they would send someone about a year or two older than me to do it.”

     Gavor smiles as he turns toward her. “I wasn’t going to leave without you. But I think that we should as soon as we can before anyone comes to check up on you.”

     Since Gavor is slightly taller than her, standing behind him isn’t a problem as they walk toward the entrance there. An entrance that slides open just before they get to it. The two Professionals on both sides of this entrance peek their heads around it to see what is going on. Both receive a red ball from Gavor that kills them instantly.

     Once stepping through this entrance, Gavor fires one red ball after another wildly at the other Professionals in this hallway. He kills all sixteen of them within a few seconds. Gavor starts walking down this hallway with Retinna right behind him.

     Maybe getting out of here may not be as hard as I thought it was going to be, thinks Gavor. We are on our way out of here right now as you can see. In a few hours, we should be back there.

     Suddenly, Gavor stops walking. Gavor steps into some darkness there. Retinna also flattens herself against this wall. They both look in both directions. Almost coming eye to eye when they look in the opposite one. What they see are about another twelve Professionals on both sides of them.

     Gavor removes one of his hand weapons and puts it on Retinna’s hand. “I hear that you are very good at using these weapons. Hope you are.”

     Retinna smiles. “I am.”

     This may be a little bit harder than I thought that it will be, thinks Gavor. But we can still do it. It’s just going to take us a little longer to do it.

     Gavor and Retinna start killing the Professionals on their sides of this hallway. Most of the red balls are going over their heads because of their size. But a few have hit them. That isn’t true when it comes to the other Professionals there. One by one Gavor and Retinna are killing them. This problem should be solved real soon, thinks Gavor.


     “I’m thirteen,” says Gavor. “They never think of me as a Professional until it’s too late.”

     “They never do,” says Mitchtor. “That’s why you are one of the best Professionals that I have helping me with my problems.”

     Gavor looks at Mitchtor. “What do you mean by one of your best?”

     Just then Retinna and Belinne step into what appears to be an office. They join Gavor and Mitchtor looking out a large clear opening in the wall there at a large community below them. “I think he’s the best. If not for him, I would still be with my father.”

     “He thought all his Credits made him above the laws on the planet of Hannoth,” says Belinne. “I wonder what he’s thinking now.”

     Gavor and Mitchtor look at each other smiling. He’s probably thinking of how he’s going to do whatever he needs to do to get her back. And to make sure that someone like me will never try to take her from him again. I’m not going to let that happen.

The Word Count is 1,990


What you are about to read is true. Very little, if anything, needed to be changed. After all, this has already been translated into a language that we all know and understand - English (German, French, Italian, Russian, etc.).
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