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Ideal Beauty in Love at First Sight
Through my rose colored glasses, I scan
the room for a table. A four seater
next to the full wall window had the perfect
lighting. I silently strode through the crowd,

sinking down, backpack flopping in the chair
empty beside me, and pulling out my
philosophy book and water bottle.
I'm studying Plato's theory of love.

Was love simply broken into solely
three: Eros, Philia, and Agape?
General grouping like that did not leave

room for the complexities of human
interaction and experiences.
Wasn't there more depth to the connections?

“Is anyone sitting here?” A gentle voice
interrupted my thoughts pondering this
mystery. I look up at this petite,
blond haired, blue eyed boy, casually standing

by the available chair, a twinkle
in his eyes and warm wide smile that brightly
beamed confidence. Or was it something else?

The comfortable but unusual
expression perplexes and astounds me.
“No, go ahead.” He quickly lowers down,
only briefly taking his eyes off me.

My stomach flutters, catching me off guard.
I grab my water bottle to avoid
his eager gaze. Why is my mouth so dry?

“I've never seen you here before,” he smirks.
I choke back laughter. “That's a blatant lie.
I'm here every day.” He looks sheepish.

“Well, I just started school this semester.
This is my first time taking a break here…
And that's when I spotted you walking in.”

Slightly stunned, I joke, “It was the glasses,
wasn't it?” That adorable grin spread
across his face again. My stomach danced
with joy. “Yup,” he paused. “...and that you're gorgeous,”

proudly announcing his observation.
My jaw dropped as I was taken aback.
Was this handsome young man hitting on me?

“Well, thank you. You don't look half bad yourself.”
I mimic his smirk. His eyes fill with a
passionate fire I’ve never seen before.

My body burns. I abruptly inhale,
shocked by these new physical sensations.
My whirling brain has no time to process,

the increasing rhythm felt in my heart.
Why do I have goosebumps? When had he put
his hand on my thigh?! I didn’t notice.
How had I become so vulnerable?

Was this love? Me? Struck by Cupid's Eros?
This mysterious moment feels timeless,
natural and authentic together.

We banter easily captivating
each other with tales of past adventures.
Our quick physical and emotional
connection intrigues and inspires my soul.

Is this chemistry? Bonding in a way
none have accomplished? He had disarmed me,
bursting my impenetrable bubble,

with weapons of humor and compassion,
intelligence and mutual respect,
grasping the concepts of philosophy
and the spiritual understanding

beyond the basics religion teaches.
His mind is an expanding universe,
bouncing off my musings, creating such
brilliant ideas. The connections between

the emotional and spiritual
realms I knew had been missing in Plato's
theory of love. Still, my Ideal Beauty
sits before me. I now know what love is.
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