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I'm Useless But You Need Me.
Ayt I'll tell you how I felt today

I felt like crap today...
I just wanted to be happy you know everything was fine until my mom just went and said ''why are you so useless you never do anything you never help your sibling with anything why huh?'' as a soft-hearted introvert I wasn't happy hearing that.. after that I started crying because I DO ALL MY SIBLINGS WORK I DO EVERYTHING IF I DIDNT DO HE'S WORK HE WOULDNT EVEN PASS SCHOOL
It's just like mind wrecking like at least be proud of me for once for God's sake she even had the guts to say I was useless and I was just wasting money from going to school like DID I ASK TO BE BORN? DID I SAY I WANTED TO GO TO SCHOOL???? LIKE WHAT.
Is it hard to not say crap like that they don't know how I feel it's hard to open up if you cant listen and understand.. i wish mom would just be proud of me.. like damn
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