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Manipulation at its finest
This was the most important moment in her life and she wasn’t going to let anyone screw it up. Glancing at Bobby, who stood next to the Big Boy’s side with that insipid grin on his face, she frowned.

“Excuse me, Mister Big Boy,” she interrupted, pushing Bobby away so she could take the limelight. Bobby tripped over his untied shoes and hit the ground hard.

“Maggie! That wasn’t very nice,” Big Boy said, shaking his head. He offered a dirty hand to Bobby, helping him back to his feet.

Tears welled in Bobby’s eyes. “Just ‘cause your older than me by three minutes, don’t mean you can push me around, Maggie! And look! You made my knee bleed!”

Maggie rolled her eyes. She was losing control of the situation. “Go cry to mama about it then, ya big baby,” Maggie crossed her arms over her unicorn tee-shirt and impatiently tapped her bare foot on the ground. With a loud wail, Bobby ran to the back door, slamming it behind him as he ran inside to tattle. Although she felt a cathartic sense of victory, she knew she would only have moments to make her case before she was yanked before the courts and put in time out for her crime.

“Mister Big Boy, I’ve come with a deadly warning. As you know, I’m in touch with all the kids on this block and, I have to say, your recent drawings have been buggin’ a lot of them. They say if you don’t stop using crayons to make such mean pictures, they’re gonna hire Tommy to be the new Big Boy on the street. And we all know what a poopy-head he is.”

Big Boy waved an indifferent hand. “Aw, Tommy ain’t too bad. He’d never usurp my authority.”

Maggie shook her head so hard her hairband flew out. “Normally I would respect your wisdom in such matters, sir, but Tommy is...different. He promises things and never keeps his word. It might be inadvertent on his part, we all know he’s had problems since his mama dropped him on his head as a baby a few years ago. But, sir, Kayla Hooper wants to be his deputy and, well, I know this girl. She’ll use Tommy to her own advantage. I’ve heard whispers that she’s planning on convincing him to charge us all twenty-five cents a week just to play in the park!”

Big Boy’s jaw fell and Maggie felt relieved at the sparkle of understanding in his eyes. Now, for the piece of resistance, as her mama often said.

“I’ve also heard Kayla is gonna have Robbie beat ya up after Tommy takes over. Beat ya up and ban ya from ever talking to the other kids...ever again!”

Her work was done. She bent and picked up her pony tail, snapped it on her wrist, and watched as Big Boy thoughtfully rubbed his chin.

“Well, it looks like I’m going to have to pull out the big squirt guns and talk to Tommy about this situation. Can’t have an incompetent twerp take over my street. Or a girl, for that matter. Maggie, can you call out all the kids to come play? We’re going to settle this once and for all!”

Maggie nodded, “Sure, boss!”

She ran out of the yard, turned the corner, and ducked into a side yard where Kayla Hooper was hiding behind her metal garbage can.

“Did it work?” Kayla asked, her brown eyes sparkling with hope. “Did Mister Big Boy take the bait?”

Maggie grinned. “He sure did. Was as easy as taking candy from a baby. Boys, they’re so stupid!”

Kayla laughed. “It’s about time us girls got a chance to rule this street! Once Tommy and Big Boy take each other out, we’ll be in charge. Miss Big Girl. Has a nice ring to it, don’t it?”

Maggie winked. “Sure does!” The two high-fived and waited for the rambunctious boys to bring about their own political doom.

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