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Personal observation pertaining to war and conflicts being conducted throughout time.
What is the reason for the wars fought throughout time historically?

I've studied and pondered this question for many years. Sure, in school it was taught about the wars in a historical perspective but it did not explain too clearly as to the reasons behind the war in question too often. So for years, I read the words from John McRae and In Flanders Fields in order to try and answer the questions he left behind though his works. After many years, I have it. The reason for war are to first of all change the outcome into your favor for political gain. Second to justify hate. Third to try and rewrite history. Forth is due to a lack of a solution or compromise from either side. There is not set answer, but all these four combined bring you close to the source of the issue or issues. Perhaps another way to look upon WW1 and WW2 is through the lens of both fraternities Masonry and the Shrine trying to gain control of the other. Masonry is founded upon Israeli culture and the Shrine Muslim culture.

I have pondered this issue for many years. There's no set answer, all are valid all play a roll.

Another way to look upon our situation is with the lens of "us VS them". We inherited our current government model from the days of slavery. Rather than adopt a single currency, the few decided that it was best to promote the differences between cultures and the use of different laws was also done so that the few could retain control of power. This way, they created a system whereby their currency is valued quite high VS the other ones in the world. Inequality breeds hate and leads to war. Each and every time through time itself.

Let me put it in another way, you feel that your time is valuable and worth being properly paid for from your employer, right? I know that I do. Now if I came to you and said that your time versus my own time is inferior, how would that make you feel? You'd obviously have a problem with it. War would eventually be the result. This is the problem with currency differences, these were enacted on purpose and you now can see the results globally, entire cultures are being exploited as slave labor. A single currency with the elimination of borders and the amalgamation of all services big or small would help.

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