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What would it be like to walk in someone else’s shoes
I think his name was Tom and her name was Jill and Jill just totally gets on my nerves.Unfortunately me and my husband have a standing dinner date once a month with our only married friends.I meet them because our husbands work together and the wife goes to my gym.We kind of just became friends more out of necessity and the need to have married friends than actually because we liked each other.
However all that changed one day at dinner when I was complaining about something dumb Jill had said for like the ninth time during a spinning class.My husband said that maybe I should just try to see things for her point of view .I was so pissed that we ate in silence thereafter and after I marched up stairs to take a bubble bath fussing to myself about not being understood.Why would I ever want to take a walk in Jill’s shoes or see things from her perspective she’s a dumbbell?I ran my bath and stepped in and as I looked out our window I saw a falling star and made a wish.

I hopped out of the tub feeling so much better and dressed for bed. I climbed in bed and fell asleep.What happened from there was very strange to say the least. I woke up or I think I did however I was in a strange bedroom.I was so scared I looked beside me and there wasTom.What in the world I started to panic ,I quickly and quietly ran to the bathroom and splashed my face with water.When I looked in the mirror I almost screamed I had Jill’s face.What in the world was happening I started to smack myself trying to wake up.Tom rolled over and said ,”What is my little dum-dum doing let’s go back to bed we have to work tomorrow now don’t we.” I looked at him and blinked a little stunned and climbed back in bed.

Is this what Jill has to deal with from day to day being talked to like she’s five, no wonder she behaves like she does than.I quickly fail back to sleep and the next morning I was still Jill.Tom was still a jerk and talked to me like I was a complete idiot all day long.Now I got Jill a little better how sad for her.Around two o’clock I got sick of Tom and told him which lake he could jump off in and he seemed so shocked and let me be after that.Poor Jill I never ever knew she was being treated like this I had no idea.That night I slept in the guess bedroom.I fail asleep quickly and the next morning I woke up and was back at home in my bed.From that day on I never mistreated Jill again and we became good friends after that.If I was dreaming or if it was real what happened I knew not however I saw Jill different after that.Jill also acted differently also a little smarter and braver like something had happened to her too.We never spoke of what had happened we just knew we were different and changed forever.
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