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Best Teacher Ever - for US Teacher Appreciation Day 2022!

Best Teacher Ever - for US Teacher Appreciation Day 2022!

He Gets an A+

The ever under-appreciated,
guides. I was lucky.
I had one of the most
inspiring teachers
ever. He made
all the difference
in my small world.
He took the time
to figure out
which buttons to push
to let me realize
I was more than I thought.

I am
who I am
today because of him.
And, it wasn't just me.
He touched that inner
self in all of us. He helped
us shine and grow.

That's the reason that
fifty-seven years later,
I still call this teacher
my hero.

We were his first class.
The class he didn't know
he was to have
until five minutes before
we walked into class.
Five minutes later
we were his kids.

He pushed us to learn
and be better. He searched
for our strengths
and had us focus
on them. He found
our weaknesses
and showed us how
to obliterate them.

He took his love
of learning
and imbued it in us,
teaching us
the sheer joy of learning
for its own sake;
not merely for a grade.

Robin Williams,
as John Keating,
was almost,
but not quite,
as good a teacher.
is how stellar
a teacher
Mr. MacMurren was.

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