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temperament, breeding, grooming, obedience, charm, and gait.
People are sensitive in initial interactions
like dogs meeting with hair on end.

The odd smell and direct gaze.

It could lead to lifelong friendship

a passing stranger

or just ball licking phase.

Once Trust is gained


based on maybe

1 human flicker of familiar

we proceed.

I say too much indirectly and not nearly enough I should correctly.

I listen for minds to fall from lips

but mostly I get ego's




smiles and rose petal hips.

When I'm careful and fun in tongue

I can make merry and mayhem with just anyone. But,

biting back

taking the bit

being the bitch

It's miserable fun for no one

I hurt

you bruise

we all in some sordid scene & discord, absolutely lose.

If the world played a game of self-restrain

would we be better


just the same ?

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