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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2273113
Episode IV: Part VII - The Hybrid Room
Part VII

Stardate: April 04, 2096

Entering through the open hatch and into an enormous compartment, Lindsey and Roberts climbed down a short, metallic ladder secured to the bulkhead. Looking upward, the ceiling was a dull whitish steel with silvery shimmering waves, creating a ripple effect. Attached to the opposite bulkhead wall and deck, dozens of transparent cylindrical tanks were visible as far as the dim lighting would allow. Containing individual embryos and fetuses suspended vertically in a slightly viscous green fluid, sensor pads ringed the top edge of the covered cauldrons. A bottom to top bubble stream was noticeable, emanating from several rows of button size holes in the tank’s supporting base.

Approaching the cylinders cautiously, Lindsey gasped in horror. “This is a nightmare come true.” The Galactic Fleet Officers were overwhelmed, the consequence of a malevolent. but superior intelligence.

“There must be dozens, if not more of these tanks ringing this circular compartment,” Roberts speculated, studying the transparent vessels closely and making mental notes. “Look,” he pointed out. “These cylinders rest on a three foot high enclosed pedestal. It’s obvious a life support system is housed within the supporting platform for the purpose of providing oxygen and nutrients.”

“Which keeps them alive and allows for growth,” Lindsey noted.

“Notice each fetus and embryo is in a different stage of development,” Roberts commented, walking back and forth and around several cylinders.

“You were right,” Lindsey suddenly blurted.

Roberts pivoted. “Right? Right about what?”

“About what you said earlier regarding the Greys. They’ve embarked on a program of hybridization. They’re breeding human beings with themselves to create a new species.”

Roberts nodded. “It’s obviously been ongoing for decades. Our presence in this star system and in this facility is proof they've ramped up their efforts.”

“And these life forms,” she added, pointing to several tanks. “Even at this stage of development, it's also obvious they have both human and alien features.”

Sensing movement, Roberts stepped away from his girlfriend and turned in the direction of several shadowy figures. He glanced back in her direction. “Don’t be alarmed,” he whispered, “but it appears we have company.”

Approaching the Star Fleet Officers, two short Greys were followed by a third, taller Grey. They were arrayed in what appeared to be a one piece protective covering resembling a jumpsuit. The smaller Greys seemed to ambulate in robotic fashion, unlike the taller alien’s manner of walking which resembled that of an adult human. All three appeared to exude male characteristics.

“What do we do?” Lindsey nervously whispered.

“For the moment ... nothing,” Roberts quietly muttered. "Try and remain calm.”

“[Do not be afraid],” the tall Grey announced telepathically. “[What do you think about what you have seen]?”

Roberts swallowed hard, rage burning through him. “What do I think?” he angrily repeated. “I think you’re all a bunch of ghoulish fiends ... that’s what I think. Why in God’s name are you doing this?”

The larger Grey walked around his two shorter companions. Projecting telepathic thought, he described these actions as necessary for their survival, stating their genetic structure had deteriorated and they were no longer able to reproduce. He went on to say that if they were unable to resolve the problem their race would soon cease to exist.

“Why are you taller than the other two?” Lindsey asked.

Glancing at the two smaller beings before him, he said, “[They’re artificial life forms, created in our image to serve and assist],” the taller Grey explained. “[Our original numbers are dwindling, and the help they provide mitigates additional risk to those of us who remain].”

“Why haven’t you approached the authorities on our planet for help?” Lindsey asked.

“[We did],” the taller alien answered. “[In your year 1954 we met with representatives of the US Government; subsequent agreement was reached ... and known as the 'Greada Treaty].'”

“I’m somewhat familiar with the provisions of that accord,” Roberts said, “having studied it while a cadet at Galactic Fleet Academy. It allowed for abduction of humans on a limited basis for the purpose of medical examination and documentation. No humans would be harmed ... nor would they have any memory of the abduction and examinations. The treaty stated that there would be no interference in each others affairs. We would keep your presence on Earth a secret in exchange for advanced technology and the information needed to infuse that technology to improve our lives. You would not make any treaty with any other nation. More importantly, nothing in the treaty allowed for cross breeding humans with your species.”

The tall alien flailed his lanky arms as he continued to communicate telepathically. “[Unfortunately],” he continued, “[it soon became apparent from information gleaned as a result of those initial examinations, and in order to ensure survival as a species, that we would require sperm samples from adult human males, and egg cells from adult human females, along with unborn developing human embyros ... all needed for further experimentation].”

“You mean illegal experiments with stolen human sex cells and embryos to be mutated with alien DNA,” Lindsey angrily jumped in.

“Harvested and altered into hybrid lifeforms ... all without the donor's knowledge or permission,” Roberts added.

“[We had no choice],” the gangly alien asserted.

“Bullshit,” Lindsey fired back. “Intelligent beings always have a choice. It’s obvious neither agreements nor morality factor into your decisions,” she continued, anger now replacing her fear.

The room fell silent as Roberts stepped forward, coming face to face with the six foot tall alien. “As far as I’m concerned, we’re done talking. You will immediately return my colleague and I back to our starship.”

“[Please come with me],” the tall Grey replied, ignoring Roberts demand. Lindsey frowned, then glanced at Roberts, checking for his reaction to the alien’s request. He nodded. Following the spindly Zeta Reticulan a short distance around the circular compartment comprised of additional occupied acrylic cylinders, he stopped in front of a functioning, occupied tank. The same viscous green fluid that filled the other tanks was clearly visible. A small bubble could be seen in the center of the tank.

Angry and exhausted, Roberts turned and faced the Grey alien. “You abducted Lindsey and I, then subjected both of us to a non-consensual physical examination. I’m telling you again …”

The tall being quickly raised his hand, cutting off Roberts. He turned and pointed to the tiny globule floating in the middle of the tank. “[This is a five-week old human embryo],” the alien revealed.

Roberts faced contorted in anger. "You mean another stolen embryo,” he barked. "Who’s the lucky mom and dad?”

The Grey turned slowly and faced his human abductees. Spreading apart two of his five fingers, he pointed one at Roberts and the other at Lindsey. “[It’s yours],” he answered telepathically, his cold, almond shaped eyes devoid of any feeling or empathy.

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