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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #2273227
After poking fun of your brother's friend, Karma once again makes another unfriendly visit
It was May 17, 2022, and you were bored out of your mind again. You are back to being depressed because last weekend, you and your family got into so much trouble with the law! You are somehow lucky you or anyone else aren't in jail yet! After a while, you get curious and mosey on over to your brother's account. Your blood starts to boil again when he talks about going with his friends to an Indian restaurant. First, he goes to their dumb movies, now he is breaking bread with them! As your blood boils, an idea pops up in your head! You decided to call up one of his buddies and talk some shit! You use a fake phone number to call up his friend's phone. His friend picks up the phone and ask who it is and you begin to start talking all kinds of crap to him! You throw such insults such as "Ghoul" and whatnot! He slowly starts to get mad and snaps back at you. You chuckle and continue to talk a bunch of crap to him, until he starts to talk loudly on the phone...

"I'm telling you right now. If you don't stop what you are doing and hold your tongue, you are going to have HUGE REGRETS about your actions!"
"Yeah sure, whatever your Wiccan ass says 'Norman Bates!'" You said as he gets pissed and hangs up on you! You and your girlfriend go to bed, laughing your asses off at his reactions.

The next day, you and your girlfriend go to a Taco Bell after finding out that their 'Mexican Pizzas' are back in town. You go into the drive-thru and order about $100 worth of Taco Bell food. You pull into a parking lot after getting bags full of tacos, nachos, and of course, 'Mexican Pizza!" You and your girlfriend start to pig out on all of the food out into the parking lot until your girlfriend gets a notification on her phone. She sees that it's one of her friends on Facebook. She looks and sees what it is and after about five minutes, she gets quite pale. You ask what is wrong and she says, "Honey...look at your brother's Twitter feed..." You then look at his Twitter feed and see his post...

"Hey Lardo, since you wanted to call up a friend of mine and fling insults, I'm dropping another bombshell!

You wonder what the Hell he meant by that until about five minutes later, he makes another post. This one seems to be just scans of what looks like a police report. You and your girlfriend quickly read through the reports until you see something highlighted. "Parents were given warnings about child endangerment."

"What the Hell does he mean by that?" You ask. Another five minutes have passed and your brother makes another post. This one is a video taken from the body-cam of a police officer. He seems to be pulling up to a familiar looking meat market and walking up to a familiar looking Black SUV. That's strange, why does that SUV look so familiar? As the officer gets closer to the vehicle, a woman appearing to be in her mid to late fifties runs up to the officer. She seems to be quite distressed about something. She tells the officer something about some kids being left behind in a panicked tone. The officer then tells her to calm down before approaching the SUV. Right as the officer gets up close to the back of the SUV, you finally recognize the vehicle...THIS IS YOUR BLACK SUV!!!

The officer then uses some special tools to unlock the vehicle and get to the kids...
Child Endangerment

Just as the officer checks on the condition of the kids, he turns to face a familiar crowd a people. Wait a minute...that crowd of people is you and your family! The officer then walks quite quickly to you and your girlfriend and starts to ask questions in an agitated voice.

"Cop: Excuse me, is this your vehicle?
GF: Yes it is, why?
Cop: Well, can I ask what the Hell is wrong with you?
GF: Um, what do you mean by that?
Cop: I'm asking because we had a call about your kids being left alone in a vehicle! *he then points to the vehicle where the children are checked out by medical.*
GF: *Starts to panic* Ok look, I can explain! We were just going to come in and out of the store, but then something came up and...
Cop: You're lucky that it's not that hot out here or your kids could of been cooked alive! You know that right?!?
GF: Yes I do!
Cop: Then why did you leave the kids out here?!?
GF: *Panic ramps up and she begins to cry* I don't know!!!
Cop: Well, crying is not going to earn you sympathy for what you just done!
GF: *tries to talk, but keeps choking up on tears.*
Cop: You better give me a damn good reason for me to not lock you up tonight!
You: Hey man, chill!
Cop: And you! Are you the father?
You: Um, yes I am and I...
Cop: *clearly getting more agitated* Same for your bloated ass, why shouldn't I lock you up too?
GF: *tears still pouring down her face* LOOK! We didn't know, and we are sorry, just please don't lock us up! *sobs loudly*
Cop: Lady, you can beg all you want, crying isn't going to stop me from booking the both of ya'll and throwing both your asses in jail!!!"

Your family then gets into a dispute with the officer and the video ends there. You remember this incident quite well. Thankfully, you and your girlfriend were just let off with a warning. After the video ends, you and your girlfriend both sit there, pale as ghosts as you are both in so much shock over the fact that the piece of shit just exposed you two online! Before you could call up your brother, you started to feel woozy. Your girlfriend notices something is off and asks if you are alright. You couldn't answer and instead, fall out of the vehicle and collapse onto the parking lot pavement! As your girlfriend yells for help, you blackout!

You wait up with a startle as your girlfriend uses some smelling salts to wake you up! You are still laying out in the middle of the parking lot, covered in your own cold sweat! As you climb back into the vehicle, you begin to recollect your memories. You then remember what your brother did and started to pound on the steering wheel like a pissed off gorilla! Your girlfriend manages to calm you down as you start to think of a way to get back at your brother...
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