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Thinking today as a women fights for her life
The reality of addiction
It is cruel mean and harsh
It has no friends and needs no family
When the walls of addiction come crashing down everyone loses
Pain and hate I can relate
However you won’t hesitate to get your next hit or drink
With all the pain and misery all you can think about is getting your next one
Think oh woman,oh man before you take that leap
It’s a long way down,down into a Hell so deep
You won’t be able to find your way out as easily as you got in
Think oh,man or woman think before you take that next drink
The reality of addiction is that it loves no one
It just takes and takes can’t you see
Soon you will love no one but you next drink or hit
I pray that you make another choice today
Choose not to quit on you
Get some help you can quit
Take that first step cry out for help you’ll be heard!
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