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by Alex
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Some poetry, first poetry I wrote in English. Feedback is more then welcome :)
blue water
my love for water runs deep,
like the oceaan when its asleep
when the water is calm
peaceful, clear not doing any harm

water is lovely when its still
but don't forget when it spills, it kills
not listening to will
         don't let your guard down.

my love for water runs deep,
also when its not asleep, the way that it speaks.
the wild waves crashing down, like a frown
can make anyone drown

no-one is in control
doest matter their goal

in a way it is like you and me
you are a wave deep and mysterious,
I'm more clear and serious
one moment the air filled with your laughter
and the next moment words make a slaughter
         together were a part of the water,
                                                  I let it fill me

so should you, let yourself fill
and break free, like the sea
crashing, not on hold
not being controlled
in de deep
         of your thoughts
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