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Adventure is somewhere over the rainbow and down the yellow brick road
Once upon a time there was a bright and adventurous little girl named Dorothy.She live in a little farm house in Kansas with her Uncle Henry and Aunt Emma.She also shared her home with a precocious little dog named Toto.Dorothy had everything a little girl could want on the farm plenty of food,family friend however she wasn’t happy.There was also three farm hands that worked on their farm that she loved to talk to ,however it just wasn’t enough.Her only real issue was beyond the farm a wicked old woman called Miss Gulch.That lady was just mean and Toto fought with her stupid old cat a lot.He would chase that stupid cat up a big old elm in the corner of of yard just beyond the road.She knew deep down she shouldn’t let the dog chase the cat or go in her garden but she hated the old witch.

One day this all came to a head when Toto took off after the cat as they where on their way home.This time Miss Gulch rushed out with a rake and hit Toto over the back with it.It happened all so fast instead of the dog running away he bit the old woman.Dorothy grab the dog and ran all the way home as fast as she could she could hear the old woman crying,hooting and hollering as she went.When she got a good ways away from the old witches come she checked the dogs back and there was only a small break in the skin thankfully.When she got home the farmers were very busy,however she tried to talk to them about what happened.Her Aunt told her to scat and learn to stay out of trouble because they were so busy.The farm hands told her much the same and to learn to stay out of trouble.Learn to stay out of trouble really she thought Miss Gulch started it picking on poor Toto.Anyway the only way someone could stay out of trouble would be maybe to go over the rainbow or something.They just didn’t listen to understand her is all.

Well a little bit after dinner Miss Gulch came storming up the walk way.She looked madder than a wet hen.She marched pass Uncle Henry who was outside painting the fence.He didn’t like her either and tried to hit her with the fence as he was closing it but missed.” I need to speak with you and your wife about that dog and the bite on my leg.”Henry played crazy however the old woman wasn’t leaving until she said everything she came to say he could tell.She marched inside the farm house and Dorothy turned red.She proceeded to explain what happened as Dorothy looked on in shock.She wanted to cry,run speak out but couldn’t.That is until Miss Gulch said one of the most terrible things she’d ever heard. “That dog needs to be destroyed and I have an order to take him.” Then rage spring up in the child”No” she yelled.Miss Gulch smiled and handed the order to Uncle Henry which passed it to ‘Em after reading it.They were so sad for the little dog and girl. “I am afraid poor Toto has to go,”said Em with tears in her eyes. “I was at fault not the dog punish me not him please.” They wrestled the dog away from the little girl and put him in the basket of Miss Gulch.Dorothy ran to her room in tears feeling hurt and all alone.Miss Gulch left with the little dog on her bike very proud of herself.

However Toto had different plans you see he decided he wasn’t going anywhere with this old witch.So as they got a little further down the road he wiggled,moved and pushed until he got the lid open.Then he gaged his jump just right and jumped.The old witch never knew he was gone because she was too busy praising herself to notice.Toto ran all the way home without stopping.He ran and jumped in the little girls window because it was just low enough that he could.He was barking happily and running around the room.Dorothy couldn’t believe her eyes he was back.Then a thought came to her Miss Gulch would be back for the dog sooner than later so they had to run away from home.Running away was fine with her that would teach them all letting that witch take her dog.So she quickly packed a bag grabbed her dog and sit out on the road.

They travel about 15 miles from home and saw a little wagon that read fortune teller.To the left of the wagon was a little white haired man sitting at a camp fire roasting hot dog’s. Toto ran up to the man and grabbed his hot dog.Dorothy smacked at the dogs nose “No”.The man smiled and said, “ it’s perfectly fine as one dog to another.” “Hello young lady where are you going this fine day?” “Wait don’t tell me you going on a visiti,no your going on a journey no your running away.” “Folks back home don’t understand you,you want to see big lands,place’s .”Dorothy stood nodding her head. “ Yes it is like you now me so well,like you can read what’s inside of me.” “Can we please go with you as you travel the world?”The old man was quiet for a moment than he spoke. “I never do anything without consulting the spirits first,so let’s see what my crystal ball has to say.”They went inside as Dorothy was walking up the steps he took her basket taking a small picture out of it quickly.He did a reading and convinced her she’d needed to go home because her Aunt was sick.As she was on the way home though a bad storm was brewing up.

By the time she got home it was bad ,real bad and dark outside.She tried to get into the cellar but couldn’t so she retreated to her room.A twister touched down and blow out her bedroom window striking her in the head.She was out cold for a long while.She woke up in the middle of the storm,looked at the window and shrink back almost scared to death.Just than Miss Gulch came by on her bike laughing wildly and then she turn into a witch riding a broom. The little girl jumped back on the bed really scared now.In about 4 minutes the house landed with a thump.When she could catch her breathe she decided to go outside.When she walked outside the door the sun was bright and the air was sweet.When she started looking around she saw flowers almost as big as her.Small brightly painted houses just as big as her.As she was looking around a big bubble bigger than her was flying her way super fast.The bubble landed and popped and a beautiful older well dressed woman with a wand seemed to just appear from the bubble. “Toto I don’t think we are in Kanas anymore.” The woman walked swiftly to her and looked at her than the dog.

“ Hello welcome are you both witches ?” Dorothy was still in shock so she just shook her head no.
The lady informed her that she’s was the witch of the North and a good witch.She also let her know she had landed in Munchkin Land.Dorothy was very puzzled not knowing what the good witch was referring to. “ If you please what are munchkins ?” “ There the little people that live in the land.” “You have freed them because as your house was free falling from the sky when it landed it landed with a plop on the wicked witch of the east.” Dorothy’s eyes grew big and filled with tears she had never killed anyone before not even by mistake. “ You must not cry because she was a very wicked witch and enslaved the poor munchkin’s.”So she convinced the little girl that all was well and that they should all celebrate the witches death.She told her name was Glinda. She said that the coriander would come and make sure the old witch was truly dead and if so they would celebrate and feast.Sure enough she was dead as a door-nail.So they partied and feasted until a old green faced woman all dressed in black showed up and shut the party down.She was okay looking if not for the green skin and long pointy noise. “ Who killed my sister was it you little girl?”Well Dorothy was scared stupid to say the least this green women didn’t look like she was ready to party.Had she said sister Dorothy was so scared and overwhelmed she fainted right then and there.The witch laughing and cackling left feeling that the little girl was easy prey.When she woke up she was inside what she thought was one of the little houses.Not only that she didn’t see her dog and there was a pair of ruby red slippers on her feet.She jumped to her feet real quickly where was she and where was her dog?

When the lady of the house saw her confusion and fear she stepped forward and spoke. “Your dog is playing with our munchkin dog ,he has had dinner already.” “Are you hungry my dear?” “ No I want to see my dog and I want to go home .” “ Well one maybe a little easier to help you with than the other.” The little woman went to the door whistled and the dogs came running into the house.
The the little lady smile with an awkward smile and went to a big pot on the stove grabbing a bowl she scooped to big scoops of soup in them. She walk quickly to the table and sit it down and motioned for the girl to sit. Dorothy not wanting to be rude to the little lady sat at the table.She awkwardly played in her soup until the little woman joined her at the table.With the little lady looking at her she felt she had to eat just a little. Then she sat the spoon down on the table about to speak. The old women spoke first however. “As I stated earlier the second request is a little harder and even more so now that you are wanted by the wicked witch.” “The only person that can help you get home possibly is the Wizard of Oz.” “ He lives in the Emerald City which is a long trip unless you’re a witch and you told the good witch you weren’t.” “You have to follow the yellow brick road into his Kingdom and into the middle of the city to the castle . “ Well I guess me and Toto need to get going ,the sooner the better right.” Just the Glinda appeared in the middle of the living room.She explained to Dorothy the severity of the situation.She told her the shoes where magic and to never take them off or she would surly fall into the wicked witches hands.She lead her out to the yellow brick road and said your journey starts here.With the the good witch was gone.The girl stood there as if in shock. “Follow the yellow brick road ,”she heard a voice say. The another munchkin said the same thing than another. She finally started on down the yellow brick road with a little skip dance her and her dog.

She came to the a part of the yellow brick road that folded off three different ways.She was very confused what was she to do now. “ Maybe you should go right that’s a very nice way “,a voice said. She looked to and fro for the voice how all she saw was a scarecrow .Since she believed that they didn’t talk she was still looking all around. “ Going left could be just as nice however.” She looked at the dog and he looked at her as if to say don’t look at me for answers. “Some are prepared to go other ways.” She looked at the scarecrow winded eye he had spoken. “ Did you say something ?” The scarecrow shook his head yes than no. “Well which one is it can you talk or not ,haven’t you got any brains?” “I have no brains however I can talk sometimes folks without brains talk a lot.” Dorothy blinked wildly so shocked. “So you did speak and yes sometimes folks without brains do talk a lot.” “It’s so nice to have someone to talk ,I wish could get down from this here pole.” “Can’t you get down from there?” “If I could get down no offense don’t you think I would be if I could be?” Well that was true the girl thought what a silly question to ask. “True maybe I can help.” The little girl went up behind the pole the scarecrow was on and tried to see if she could help. “ I am not to bright about such things ,what did you say your name was?” “My name is Dorothy .” “ Okay Dorothy well if you slip the nail down I may just fall off the pole.” Sure enough when she bent the nail down he came tumbling down.They properly introduced themselves and then the scarecrow wanting to come along to the Wizard to get some brains ,they both sit out on the yellow brick road.So the little girl was well on the way to the adventure of a life time with two companions.

To continued……..

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