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The ruler finds himself paralyzed after a big fight with a celestial being.


Slowly the morning fog left the tall snowy mountains, revealing a crisp clear blue sky. Nature was as beautiful as it could be this early in the morning. All manner of sounds just filtered through his ears. Birds chirped on the tall oak trees that covered the horizon. Tiny wings moved up and down, swaying gracefully in the air to keep its weight afloat. The sound of slow breathing filed the air just around the corner of the trees, squeezing slowly.
Wait for it... BANG! The sound of gun fire echoes through the forest, dispersing the air around with a loud puff. At the other end of the barrel fell the pray, slowly bleeding out on the ground on its last breaths as it tried to clutch to the very fabric of life that was still left to hold. Swinging the revolver back into its holster on his waist, Kanikuse started pushing his wheelchair towards his price.
Wait! Hold on... a wheelchair? What the hell is going on? Since when does Kani use a freaking wheelchair? Well, here is the short version of the story. Some guy came up to Kani and told him that he was going to turn him into a God. Being the cocky prick, he is, Kani accepted and ended up biting more than he can chew and lost his freaking legs in the process.
Like literally, he has no damn legs! "God damn it, get out of my way you stupid rock. How far have I fallen?" He thought to himself. From being the king of illusion and force collaring royal families into being his pets, to being stuck on a freaking rock, a damn rock! It was pathetic. Something finally nudged him from behind moving the chair forwards and over the rock, finally allowing him to move again. Looking behind him, he spots a giant beast, covered in thick blue fur that was soft to the touch.
Its red glowing eyes sparked as it glared down at him from above, almost looking like it was ready to devour him alive. With each move the beast looked majestic, circling around him, daring him to make the first move, extending his hand out toward the creature he waited patiently for that moment, the moment where a bond would form.
The beast sniffed his hand consciously before rubbing her head on his open palm. "Atta girl." The void beast before him was his own pet, but recently had become more of a personal assistant, helping him move around since he lost both his legs. Kani knew Layla would never hurt him, but he liked showing her the respect she deserved.
It's not everyday someone gets such a powerful creature as its pet. Especially a first born, which makes her more powerful than the rest. The fell-blade that rested on what now is a bag that hung from his cosy chair was the home where Layla slept. Yes, yes I know what you're thinking, how can a blade be the home of a giant beast. It's simple really, defeat a void beast and it will reward you with a fell-blade. The blade hosts the creature and you can choose to summon it anytime you want. Kanikuse finally reached his prey, a small deer slumped on the ground bathing in a pool of its own blood.
Looking over at the deer he had managed to hit him in the neck again, another bad shot. "God damnit, not again." A frown of annoyance swept over his face as he knew that he was starting to lose his accuracy from being so old. Crossing his hands over his chest he huffed a bit before commanding Layla to take the deer back to the castle.
Without hesitation the beast obliged, picking the prey up between its massive jaws before running off into the distance. Poor creatures, the deer's have been hunted for so many years Kani was surprised they haven't gone extinct yet, weird creatures. Shrugging as he turned his wheelchair around he decided to head back to the castle by himself.
As the thick forest wasn't the safest place around the area, it won't go very well for him if a group of looters decided to ambush him while he was alone. As Kani finally reached the edge of the forest, close to his destination, he spots some movement in the thick brush to his right side. Shit, this wasn't good. Moments later, before he could even protest, a small dagger flew right towards his body, heading for his very core.
Knowing that he wasn't going to be able to dodge it, Kanikuse closed his eyes and waited for contact, but it never came. Opening one eye, the only thing he could see was fur covering his front. Layla had jumped in and took the hit to her left leg as she growled intensely towards the bush. Seconds later, a pale figure emerged from behind, his body covered in heavy royal armour that was decorated with jewels on both sides of the chest plate.
His long white hair fluttered behind him as the wind picked up slightly, a smug look of satisfaction gleaming from his yellow eyes. "Alright, alright I submit, don't kill me now." Hearing the husky familiar voice Kanikuse rolled his eyes and eased Layla into calming down. "Damn you Erik, how many times did I tell you not to scare me like that."
A small chuckle erupted from the male as he placed his hands on his hips. "What good will I be if I didn't ambush you every once in a while, I mean I am your personal guard, and you are getting very old." Kani shook his head as he turned his wheelchair around continuing towards the castle. "Well you won't be anything if you keep this up."
Chuckling at his own statement Kani tapped his blade to dismiss Layla, as she disappeared into a puff of smoke back into his blade. He tucked it back into place for later use. "Get Jessy to prepare a bath and my formal dress, I'm going out for a visit." Raising his eyebrow a bit Erik wondered where the king could possibly want to go at this time of day, but without question he nodded his head and disappeared into the distance.

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