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It's mother's birthday. I always write something to remember her on her day! Happy B'Day!
Well, I can barely tell that TODAY, June 1, 2022, is my MOTHER'S birthday. A month ago, I should have started my descent into a zombie-like state just to get through this day. I didn't, not only because I was too sick to think about her, birthdays, or much of anything else, BUT because I finally let the last vestige of my sadness about her death go last year.

I was able to honestly remember her with love, with almost no more anger about her passing. Many good old-fashioned memories reminded me of why she captured my heart and deserved to be remembered rather than mourned. The many gifts she bestowed upon me -- kindness, compassion, drive, vision, hope, determination, personal values, a spiritual life, self-worth, independence, forgiveness, and, yes, the ability to love me, hold me accountable for my action, strength to make a difference, and the wisdom to know the difference and so much more.

In short, I have grown up a lot since my mother died on November 29, 1993. So, today instead of writing from someplace in my misery, I am writing from a good place in my heart, brain, and soul where good and bad memories are stored. Mother was not an angel, but she comes as close to being an angel as I have ever seen.

Florence Henrietta Brown Williams was some lady. She had a quick smile, a twinkle in her eye, and a little devilish soul that kept an eye on things.

She was really not that keen about getting "fat." The moment she thought she was over 140 pounds, it was not dieting time. It was fasting time.

When she went for her walk or outside of the house, for that matter, just know that she always had her protection and KNEW how to use it. LOL

Up until 1990, she was as comfortable riding a bicycle as she was driving a car. That comfort for me left the day she told me that stop signs were not there to make you stop but to warn you to stop if you needed to, BUT if no car was coming, you did not have to stop, that and two car accidents at Logan Circle TWO DAYS in a row.

The girl was on it. She loved baking, cooking, and sharing food with everyone, including strangers, just walking by the house.

A trait that I wish I had acquired was her ability to get up every single day, dress up with stocking, suit (or other Sunday go to meeting outfit), and get ready for her day. Just in case you may not know it, all of that was done AFTER her morning prayers and worship.

She taught me what I needed to know by setting the example that she wanted me to follow. She was not a mother that followed the rule of do what I say and not what you see me do. Children had a place, but they were not the decision-makers. Parenting was not a part-time job. In fact, even after I was married and had children, she frequently reminded me that she brought me into this world and would take me out of it. Yes, discipline and respect walked hand in hand, and the two never parted. Her favorite saying about children had to be spare the rod and spoil the child. GOD knows I am not spoiled. LOL

Florence Henrietta Brown Williams, Mother Florence, Sister Florence, Momma, Mother, Grandmother, and so many other names used to address you – this is your birthday whether you are here, in the grave, or just waiting patiently for the return of your Savior, and I celebrate you and the LIFE YOU LIVED. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOTHER. I still love you so much – even in death.

You are and always will be, “MY GIRL and MY BEST FRIEND!

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