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A corrupt society is given a miraculous ultimatum to change their pernicious ways.
Nathan’s heart burned with pain in tears as he looked at a small mob beating up a man who was pleading for mercy. Guards peered at the melee and did nothing.

Nathan saw his friend, Derik buying fruit from a vender and approached him.

“All this violence and corruption torments my soul as does yours,” said Derick.

“Indeed. No one seeks God anymore. Or His benevolent, peaceful ways,” said Nathan.

“I wish the king would address the issues that plagues the kingdom. But, as most know, he is privy to bribes, acquiring slaves and money,” said Derik.

Nathan wiped his tears and took Derik by the shoulders. “I have been praying and I believe God is about to do something marvelous! And I think it involves us.”

In the corner, a man in tattered clothes sat begging. Nathan approached him and saw the destitute, hopelessness in his eyes.

“Please sir, spare some coins or food. I beg you!”

Nathan pulled out some coins and gave it to the beggar. “Oh, thank you sir!”

“Thank the mercy of God my friend. He has showed you compassion,” said Derik.

Suddenly a man rushed up to Nathan and Derik. “My daughter has gotten lost! And your souls are not saturated with evil and greed. I tried asking people but they all want money and I am too poor to pay anything. Please help!”

“Some people know our spiritual stance. I will pray first.” Nathan went to a corner and kneeled to pray. “Oh, Lord show us were the lost child is and reunite she and her father and may we find her quickly. Amen.”

It was no more than a few moments Nathan saw through the crowds of people a young girl sitting against a wall crying.

“Follow me!” said Nathan as the father followed along with Derik.

The three men reached her and the girl’s father scooped her up in his arms. “Thank you so much you two!”

“God has helped you,” said Nathan.

Nathan and Derik walked out of the thoroughfare where all the violence and conniving that festered like a rotting tree.

When both had reached the housing district, Nathan yawled and stretched. “I am tired. I will see you tomorrow my friend.”

Derik nodded and walked off.

Nathan entered his modest house made of timber and iron latches than opened his Bible. He was reading of the miracle when Joshua caused the sun to stay still in the sky over Gibeon, an ancient place.

Nathan sighed. As he told Derik, Nathan knew something was about to happen. He closed his Bible and went to sleep.

That night he had a surreal dream. He was in a very bright place where a man in glistening robes stood before Nathan.

“I am Trophimus, a messenger of God,” said the robed man. “God has chosen you to convict the wicked inhabitance of this kingdom.”

“What shall I do, great angel.”

You will perform the miracle Joshua, God’s servant, did millennia ago. But this time the sun will turn into an inferno in the sky that will scorch the men to drive them from their sin.”

Nathan felt an anxious knot in his stomach.

“Do not worry, you will not be harmed by the men of this place,” said the angel. “At midday, you will command he sun to not set. Only the wicked will feel God’s wrath. Righteous souls like Derik and yours will not feel the sun’s intense heat.”

“What if they do not turn?” asked Nathan.

“Then, the whole kingdom will parish.”

“Where do I give the command?”

Trophimus smiled “I will bring you to the kings balcony. Your voice will be like a trumpet in the ears of the people.”

Nathan awoke and saw Trophimus siting by Nathan’s bed. Except Trophimus did not shine like in Nathan’s dream.

“Let us go to the castle now,” said Trophimus.

The angel and the human emerged from Nathan’s house. They walked along the rows of houses and soon they were on the king’s streetway made of polished stone.

About ten yards away was the castle door. It was closed.

“What now?” asked Nathan.

“My power will allow you to roam freely with no obstruction.”

The two reached the door and it opened of its own accord and they entered into the main hall. People talked and laughed maniacally.

Trophimus led Nathan up a spiraling staircase and eventually reached the royal balcony.

“Where is everybody?” asked Nathan.

“God has distracted them indefinitely with other things. Now go to the edge of the building and deliver the message.

Nathan took a deep breath. “People and citizens. Your wickedness has come before God. Turn now or the sun will bear down with fervent heat.”

Trophimus put a hand on Nathan’s shoulder.

The people sneered and scowled with stern frowns and fists being shaken at Nathan.

Nathan looked to the sky. “Oh, sun, stand still and burn with blistering, searing heat.”

The people cried out with curses, unwilling to forsake their evil way.

Still the heat seared them. Even indoors the sun-baked houses.

For thirty minutes the people cursed and defied Nathan’s warning.

“I plead with you! repent!” cried Nathan.

Nathan was filled with rushing exhilaration as eight men bowed their knees. “We repent,” one said. Suddenly the heat abated from the eight men.

Some turned but most people continued to curse and speak ill of Nathan.

Many were scorched to death but still they held to their stubbornness

Twenty minutes later, all who resisted were dead and those who submitted to God shouted for joy.

“Good work,” said Trophimus.

Nathan turned and saw the king approach Nathan with open arms and the two embraced. “Thank you for my change of heart. Your words touched me. Although most of my subjects are dead a new era of peace and love has sprung.”

Nathan prayed again and the sun finally set. The kingdom was purged of evil men and Nathan was made chief advisor to the king.

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