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Your people are the ones that love and support you period.
They aren’t my people just because they look like me
They aren’t my people because they have my skin color
They aren’t my people just because we have the same blood line

If they were my people they would love me unconditionally
If they were my people they would support me verses judging me
If they were my people they would know what hurts me
If they were my people when I hurt so would they
If they were my people they would not go out of there way to hurt me

When I rejoice so would they
They would be ,they could be truly happy for me
What makes people your people is that they stand with you and for you
My people would walk through Hell with me if need be
My people would celebrate when I am in Heaven
Too bad everyone can’t be our people
However they can’t be you see; because not everyone will stick by your side

Not everyone gets you
Not everyone sees who you truly are
Not everyone will love you no matter what
Not every one will love thee unconditionally

Sometimes your people are The Father,The Son and The Holy Ghost
Sometimes that has to be enough until you find your people or they find you
If you have put you trust in Christ than God and his Holy court are your people
The bible says when we put our trust in him he and we become family
Love is give and take and if there’s no give and take on both sides
They can’t be your people
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