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by catdok
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Poem for Writer's Cramp
"Lucky Summer"

There was a wretched squirrel
His whole life was a bummer
Born to be unlucky
So finally one Summer

He set to change his fate
Decided then and there
To up and relocate
And find a new somewhere

He didn't own a car
He didn't have much cash
He's not a squirrel that flies
On foot he'd make his dash

He found the railroad tracks
On them he would roam
Until at last he reached
A new and lucky home

He had his ear pods in
His favorite melody
Helped him pass the time
He'd sing the harmony

He didn't hear the train
That came up from behind
Closer though it came
That squirrel paid it no mind

On and on it raced
Soon to seal his fate
Would he leave the rail
before it was to late?

Then ahead he saw
Flattened out and thin
A penny on the rail
Where a train had been

He thought "Oh what bad luck
Poor penny that I see"
Then he realized
"That penny could be me!"

He leaped down off the track
The train went whooshing past
The squirrel then realized
"My luck has changed at last"

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