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Why, in my opinion, ink does suffers from adhd


"Ink has adhd" is one of the most famous and well accepted headcanons about ink in the utau fandom, but have you ever wondered why's that?

Well, that's why i'm here! In this document we will revise Ink sans character through the lens of the neurodivergent (specifically adhd).

But first...

What's adhd?

Adhd (according to Wikipedia) "is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by excessive amounts of inattention, carelessness, hyperactivity and impulsivity that are pervasive, impairing in multiple contexts and otherwise age inappropriate"

There are 3 subtypes of Adhd: Adhd-Pi (Inattentive), Adhd-Hi (Hyperactive) and Adhd-C (Combined, and the one that i think Ink has)

I'll be using the DSM-5 criteria for Adhd for Ink.

"Five or more symptons of innatention or/and hyperactivity that affects social interations and daily activities (must have persisted for +6 months period)

1"Several Symptoms were presented before the age of 12"

This is the only Adhd criteria that Ink fails at (bc he never had a childhood), but it seems that (according to ''His Story comic" all symptoms were presented since his early days, soo... we're sticking with it.

2"Several symptoms are presented in 2 settings"

3"Clear evidence that symptoms interfere or reduce the quality of social or occupation functioning" ex

4"Symptons do not occur exclusively during the course of psychotic disorder"

Also, some people use in defense that Ink does not have Adhd the argument that his vials are making him act this way. This turned out to be very wrong since symptoms are present in his personality, quirks section on his FAQ, that are his default (not overwhelmed by any emotion) mode.

Sooooooooo..... What are ink symptoms???


- "Skipped parts of the text he was supposed to read" (Adhd-Pi-Difficulty sustaining attention);" Mixed the books by accident" (Adhd-Pi- Poor organization);" Was sitting cross legged on the desk" (Adhd-C-Sitting weird when it's not allowed);" He was desperate to have them kissing so he could throw his confetti" (Adhd-Hi Difficulty waiting their turn)

- Ask from 2017 Comyet's blog of how did ink make his parents wedding awkward (3 criteria for Adhd).

- "Ink! Sans has a tendency to get too excited about things" (Common adhd symptom, Emotional Hyperarousal, includes intense emotions); " He also has very short memory and will forget about different things-sometimes stopping mid-sentence to try and remember what he just said a few seconds before"; "He's really forgetful" (Adhd-Pi-Forgetful in daily activities); "He loses his pencils all the time" (Adhd-Pi- Loses things necessary for tasks/activities); He happens to sometimes randomly vomit ink, mostly when he gets too emotionally shaken, whether from passion or sock (Adhd -Emotional Dysregulation) ;''He is very passionate about art" (Adhd-Hyperfixations) ;"Ink in general acts wittily..." (People with adhd can make associations really fast, and being witty means that you make seemingly unlikely and surprising associations, so is common to some adhers to be witty) ; "Ink approaches enemies carefully[...] he does know what to analyse to understand the issue so he can brush people the right way and hopefully have them listen" (common adhd symptom, high empath)

-Ink! Sans FAQ.

- "I think it would go like this:

1.He would try playing the Sims

2.He'd complain about the lack of content regarding customization.

3.He'd start making custom content for his Sims.

4.He'd never stop making custom content at all lmao" (Adhd-Hyperfixations)

-2017 Comyet blog ask (about Ink playing The Sims)

- "He's not the type to stay put- and that won't never change" (Adhd-Hi-Always ''On the go".); "Oh! I've met a skeleton for the first time, and this is the aftermath! We had a nice talk. Not for a long one though. Basically, it all started when I felt something weird. Like when creators want to abandon their universe, but it felt a little different. Somewhat...artificial? Well, or something like that, you know how hard it is for a soulless to pick the right definition..." (Adhd-Hi-Talks excessively); "Ink must've made his mind already. His curiosity often borders on obsession" (Curiosity and obsessions are common adhd symptoms); "And to satisfy that curiosity, he'll start seeking out that blackboned acquaintance of his" (Adhd- risk taking).

-From "Whatever it takes" a Top! Gaster, Zephyr! Gaster (Ink parents) and Ink fanfiction, wich Undertop blog was ''floored by how accurate the characters are"

- "He's still the same hyperactive cretin" (Adhd-Hi, obviously)

-2020 Ask Comyet blog about Ink's new outift.

- "I am nothing but bones, dear, you'll have to forgive me for being fragile" "Not you too. Ink's terrible sense of humor is rubbing on you" (Self deprecating humor, a common adhd coping mechanism)

- Undertop blog 2022, canon content.

-In 2017, Comyet rewetted a comic featuring Ink that consisted of him interrupting and talking excessively to a character (Adhd-Hi) PS: She said that it was the most accurate Ink she ever seen

- "He's more playful and passionate" (Adhd- Emotional Hyperarousal, includes passionate thoughts); "But when he talks about art, he just becomes a storm of passion" (Adhd-Hyperfixations- excitement when talking about subject of interest)

-Ask from 2016 in Comyet blog regarding if Ink's a flirty type.

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