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My thoughts about the color yellow
What is yellow?

Is Yellow more than just a color? It is considered a primary color. Yellow can mean different things for different people. For some, it is just a color. For others, it represents light and happiness. Some people use it to describe the color of gold. Others use it to describe someone they view as a coward. Maybe it is just a matter of perspective.

There are color books for Salvation for kids where yellow or gold represents heaven in the plan of Salvation. Green is for eternal life. Red is for the blood of Christ. black is for sin and white is for purity. "How can Yellow represent heaven?", you may ask. Well, the Bible describes heaven as having streets of gold. God is the light in heaven and there is no darkness. Here we have yellow representing gold and light.

I don't ever recall seeing yellow portray sadness. You think of yellow smiley faces. When I think of the emojis, I guess there are some sad emojis. However, yellow is more often than not portrayed as a happy color.

I have often wondered why yellow is also associated with cowardice. When I Googled it, I ran across this interesting article, https://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2017/02/yellow-can-mean-cowardly/. Apparently, this goes back way farther than I originally imagined. Originally, I was thinking it was associated with a chicken somehow, and apparently, I am not alone.

However, according to this article, it goes back further than that. Apparently, religion and politics are somehow involved. (Why does that not surprise me?) Certain heretics wore yellow crosses to show penance. Jews were often marked because they wore yellow stars. For younger readers, we will just say that for a while in history, women of the night, also wore yellow. Journalism has also played a role in the negative connotation of the color yellow. Those with yellow bellies came to mean that they had either fake courage or no courage at all. It is quite interesting how the meanings of words can change over the centuries such as the word yellow.

If you think about it, caution signs are this color. Yellow is an attention getting color! It stands out in a crowded area. It is revealing. It is hard to hide anything in yellow or light. So, I guess it all depends on how you view it if yellow takes on a positive or negative meaning.

When I Googled the color of yellow symbolism, I ran across this article, https://www.sensationalcolor.com/meaning-of-yellow/. This is actually quite interesting to look into the meaning of colors. Of course, in this case, we are focused on yellow. Yellow stimulates and energizes us. It inspires us to think, communicate, and take action. It is a symbol of sunshine, warmth, and positivity. It is the opposite of dull and dark. On the other hand, it can represent cowardice, illness, or even excess.

Too much yellow can be overwhelming. Taking a closer look at its meaning can be overwhelming too. There is a lot of information you can find on the internet about this complex and yet inspiring color. I had no idea it had so many deep meanings.

Here on WDC, yellow has a very positive meaning. Our registered authors work hard and dream about being promoted to the yellow case. It means our work has been recognized. Our potential as a great writer has been noticed. It gives us a higher status and newbies know they can look up to us for advice. I love being a yellow case. I was so excited the day mine turned yellow. I never want to take it for granted.

May all the yellow cases of WDC always be successful, creative, and helpful! May we find our way to our dreams and becoming published authors! May we spread the brilliance and light of the color yellow in all we do here!

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