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Hope Springs Eternal in Re-marriages For Weekly Challenge
Hope Springs Eternal in Re-marriages

Cynical men and women
Often say that re-marriage,
Is the victory of hope,
Over bitter experience.

That during the second
Or third marriage,

One can overcome
The problems that plagued
The first marriages.

And facts support this assertion
Most divorces occur
During the first year of marriage.

When they realized they made a mistake
And get out before things
get too complicated.

If you survive that first year,
You will probably survive
Many more years together.

I have only been married once,
And I hope I have figured it out
By now.

The one thing I have learned
Is that even after an argument
If you can think back

Why did you marry this person?
You can regain the love
And move forward together.

And in our case
After an argument
My wife and I.

Look at each other
Laughing at the absurdity
Of it all,

Recalling the fairy tale romance
Of meeting the lady of my dreams
And rekindling the love
we had for each other.

Ever since the date
When we met, sealing our fate
Marrying our eternal soul mate.
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