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How I discovered my love for mathematics in college
I love the cold and ruthless logic of mathematics. Although according to conventional standards I discovered my love for maths late, I have no regrets. There is no right or wrong time to discover one's passion for a subject.

Till class twelve, mathematics for me was a part of the syllabus. I could not appreciate its finer nuances because I had to devote time to my non-maths coursework. After graduating from school, I began a BSc in mathematics, physics and chemistry. This is the time I reflected on the subtle concepts of maths and science.Â

I was diffident about doing maths as I felt my mother had pushed me into it. While she believed that a base in maths and science would serve me well later, I didn't think so. I believed that one ought to follow one's passion, which, for me at that time, was not mathematics. I even accused her of parental pressure. The tough combination I had chosen made matters worse. But my mother put up with my rants and urged me to keep trying.Â

After a lot of protests, I put my mind to the three subjects. But despite my efforts, I couldn't clear them all. I had three papers left - Chemistry, Maths 2 and Maths 3. I took a year off to try and complete these three subjects. And that's when the real fun began.

In that year, I took a deep dive into mathematics by devoting close to seven hours a day to studying the subject. I practised problems at an intensive level to become thorough with the subject.

Regular practice trained me in logical thinking and face problems with a step-by-step approach. I also saw my confidence improve.Â

During this time, I also understood why some people describe maths as truth. It is because Mathematics teaches you integrity and trains you to accept things based on facts and evidence. It forces you to question the status quo and take the analytical route to solve problems.

After seven months of rigorous practice, I gave my exams and sailed through all my subjects. I had gotten so fond of maths that I wanted to study it further. But since my marks were poor, I settled for journalism. But I was, and remain, glad that I got a flavour of mathematics in college. And I have my mother to thank for that!

Now, seventeen years down the line, I continue to follow the latest breakthroughs in science and technology. I have also used the pandemic-induced lockdown to refresh my understanding of Calculus, one of the key branches of mathematics. And when my nieces and nephews seek my help with maths problems, my happiness knows no bounds!

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