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part 2 of my short story
Sara became very fond of wendy and started going to her house most days after college, they would chat for hours and hours, wendy decided that Sara was ready to become what she really was a powerful witch originally from Salem, and they practiced small spells at first, it was all about been relaxed and having confidence. They practiced meditation and wendy was adamant that Sara did this every night to get more relaxed before going to sleep.
A few days later Sara did her meditating and dozed off peacefully, she was back in wendys house, and wendy said you are lucid dreaming, this is good progress for you it usually takes months sometimes years to get to this stage, just stay relaxed. wendy showed Sara a beautiful silver chain with a blue stone in the middle of a love heart she said this necklace is the key if you come across it I need you to bring it to me.
Sara woke but could not remember the dream, after all, it was only her first time to lucid dream, she also thought that wendy was a genuine person who was helping her, but she was actually plotting behind her back for she wanted that chain all for herself.
Sara s grandmother was visiting the weekend and she was excited, she didn't see her as much as she wanted to and missed her loads.
on Friday Sara got home to find her parents and granny having coffee and cakes in the kitchen while going through all the old photo albums.
Sara gave her granny a big hug and joined them, while they chatted and laughed for hours, saras dad went and came back with another box full of photos, they dived in and started going down memory lane as they looked at the old photos. Sara could not believe what she was looking at, in the picture it was her granny when she was in her 20s but she had the necklace on, she asked her granny about it, her granny said oh I lost that a long time ago my dear. that night as Sara was about to go asleep her granny knocked and entered her bedroom, she sat on the edge of her bed and said Sara I could not say in front of your mam and dad, but how did you know about the necklace, Sara told her granny everything from the dreams to the school shooting and wendy, her granny told her that wendy was not a nice person, she had thought years before that wendy was her friend but she realized she was just using her, wendy had done a spell that kept her looking young and beautiful but it was running out and she needed the power in the chain to do another spell to make it permanent.
she wants the chain for selfish reasons my dear, can I ask why you would want it, Sara said if I could have known about the school shooting I would have done everything in my power to stop the situation, that was the correct answer the one her granny hoped she would give, the most unselfish make the best witches.
The next morning Sara woke but it was so strange the date on her clock was the 10th which was the day before the school; shooting,
the night before when she fell asleep her granny took the necklace from her neck and put it around Sara,s neck, the necklace was so powerful that time went back, Sara never met wendy, although she remembered it all, it just seemed like a really long dream, she had gone back in time and had saved all her schoolmates and her good friend lucy from a tragic event. the power of the necklace combined with the power of her mind meant that most times when Sara had a dream she could change the future, things worked out for the best for everybody except for wendy who aged really quickly, she actually turned into a witch out of a horror story long grey hair, big nose, moles and all.

.The end
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