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Rated: E · Novel · Fantasy · #2279044
Asra Osmosis Aurora isgoingsomewhere new. Away motions collectingmusic justfounditsway.
A man swam going somewhere. He paid attention to the world around him. Deep inside his heart he couldn't remember stuff. He looked at the creatures in the sea and cried over something he couldn't remember. The sea folk felt sorry for him. He looked at the sand and hungered for its harshness against his skin. He yearned for pain. Why? The sand was beautiful. He wanted to die. Just lay on the sand and let the harshness of life thrust hope on him.

The ocean stared blankly at her. She felt connected to the sand. The air felt solid as it brushed through its motions. Salt air. Wetness. All neutral, all there. Ambience. Aliveness. Just a thing on the beach. Beached. The ocean waved. Watched. Waved Wind soft gentle pain. The beach was. Asra - Osmosis was there. Collecting life. Life. Music just found its way

Uncaring and ceaseless just thriving in each others' company.
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