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The one called Lucas
I was never told I was sold. I was always told that I was lucky that my uncle Bucky found me. Now instead of calling me lucky they say they're sorry.

I'm not sure where I got my name. I only know it's from Aunt May. People say my name is from my dad. They also say he was a good lad. People call me a good lad, apparently I look exactly like my dad.

I've never seen a photo of my dad. Old Aunt May says all the photos of my parents or any other family I had vanished the same day my parents died, right before I could even cry for the first time.

Old Aunt May said that no one knew how they died, or if they even died at all. Their bodies are gone and so are any traces of where they could have gone. Not one photo of them can be found, at least if a photo of them exists.

If it wasn't for Aunt May I would have been just like the 30 other boys that fell under Old Bucky's hand. Aunt May explained to me that she had to buy me from Bucky which caused him to be caught. She thankfully got her money back, and used it to make me a small shack in the back.

She built me the shack so I can have a safe place to go. She also lets me do my school work there. Aunt May has a friend who teaches me the things that the other kids go to a school to learn. I get to learn with her friend in my shack. Only us three know about my shack.

Aunt May says her friend has a name. She was given the name Mary. May and Mary. They look like sisters to me, I wonder if I look like my brother. I didn't ask Old Aunt May, she says asking to many questions on the same day can be a bother.

Miss Mary has a young girl that stays with her. The town calls her Ann. She calls herself Annabell. I like to call her Annabell. When someone in town calls her Ann she makes a face. A scary face. But if she hears a person refer to her as Annabell it seems to brighten the rest of her day.

Her friend has the flu. I wanted to do some thing to help, but I'm not sure what would be a nice thing to do. I was told he loves animal. Annabell brought him a kangaroo. I decided I'd be nice. So, I brought him a few stuffed animal mice. He giggled and laughed. He said he loved it, and he said he'd give me a hug but he didn't want to give me the flu.

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