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It is fun living with a ghost in your house.
My Spirit Advisor's name is Georgie. In his Human life he was a very funny, cranky comedian. When I start off my day I can hear Georgie say "well, look what is awake and doing her YOGA. That sounds too much like YOGURT. Do your cat stretches and we can get to work Sunshine!"

If I start to lose motivation and begin to slack off, my Muse sets me straight. "You ought to be lucky you have your laptop... books don't write themselves. Now let's get cracking Sunshine". My pet ghost comedian I can hear by I can't see. I can just picture him leaning up against the wall, sitting on my desk or pacing back and forth heckling me.

Why can I just hear him and not see him? Why does he heckle me when I most need to be teased?

So I finally get some love back from my hubby this morning and I am happy. Tig leaves the room and I am getting ready for the day. Georgie says "He's a grumpy one and ugly too. But he's here for you and loves you. Just close your eyes and pretend he is Brad Pitt . Not your fault Sunshinel". Well, I grin at myself in the mirror and whisper to my Muse. "thanks Georgie."

Sometimes a Muse can be the form of a Spirit Guide who has passed on. It seems that they assigned me this cranky comedian as my Muse to keep me cracking with my career and heckles me when I am down. Maybe he will get his wings if he completes his "quest". Help the disgruntled, lonely married lady who is in a California State of Mind and wants to go to Rock Concerts and mingle with Celebrities. The "cat lady" that is a big dreamer and master schemer and hears dead Celebrities.

I was meditating last night and felt like Willie Mae Brown on Ghost. There was a voice that said? Never, ever give up!" ..."Thanks Patrick" I whispered and to my left another voice of wisdom came. "The errors you make prepare you for the success you take"..."Thanks David" I whisper. "Now what is the freaking meditating stuff you do? You aren't going anywhere - you don't levitate or find out the meaning of life and death here. What are you doing Sunshine?

"Georgie, I am me and I like to try and quite my mind so I can sleep. Clearly, this only brings dead Celebrities and spirit Muses to me. Maybe they should call it Spirit Delegation. I'm a "beacon" for angel spirits that need their wings by helping people in distress. You saw an Author that was different from the norm who is trying to get her life back together and latched on. Meditation is supposed to be a way to quite the mind, body and get in touch with your inner soul. I suppose I am a Ghost Listener now. O.k. what do you guys need and how can I help YOU?"

I opened my eyes and the voices ceased. At least until tonight.

So if you are hearing heckling spirits and have Ghost Life Coaches - embrace them and welcome them in your home and your life and once they get their wings, they'll go away. Just grin and bear it and wait until a bell rings.

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