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Living with an ADHD/Autistic child isn't easy
We sometime take for granted the littlest things in life. Like a smile from our children and their laughter. When things seem darkest and bleak, we concentrate on our shortcomings and not on the positive things in our life. Like those who love us and those we love. Their encouragement and strength in times of adversity. Their resilience in time of turmoil and despair. Their belief in us and their loyalty to the family.

To look at life through the eyes of a child in wonder and awe. We should embrace our inner child once and again. This would help us through our more difficult times and make being a grown up more meaningful. Would we listen to our own advice? We must ask ourselves this, before giving it.

A child is sensitive to all things around them and senses when things are going wrong. It is up to us, to set things right again when their balance is upset. Hug them and tell them you love them every once in awhile and great things could happen. Like your son could show talent as a prospective comic book artist or future Veterinarian.

To keep their outer child in balance, we must embrace our inner child and understand them. So the next time your ADHD son or daughter gets on your nerves, think about what they are going through. They have to take their medication to make it through their day or school. Be proud of their accomplishments and if they ramble on for hours about philosophical theories, listen as well as you can, and be thankful they are having a good day.

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