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My Dad and other family have no say in my care
Taking the Control Back

Written by Jenni Bailey

Living with Cerebral Palsy is hard enough, but growing up with it, was impossible. My Dad was trying to make me independent:But, in the wrong way. It's great to make your kids independent, but my Dad's way of doing it, was on a whole different level. The level? Abusive. I didn't know this until a few years ago. I defended my Dad, and his actions in parenting, for a very long time. It took a long time for me to realize, with the help of therapy, that my Dad's ''parenting'' was actually, abuse.

My Dad expected me to be 100% self-sufficient. That's impossible to do with a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, even able-bodied people aren't 100% self-sufficient. Every time, I told him I got diagnosed with something, or when I told him I have an old-acting body, he had the most insensitive response: ''It's because you're not exercising enough'' He had a lot of gall telling me this.

Exercise wasn't going to fix or cure my Cerebral Palsy. Fast Forward to having the correct support: I finally decided enough was enough with my Dad, and I put my foot down(most of my family was like this with me, because my Dad influenced them). I got to the point, where I had to take the control back and tell my family they can't tell me what to do, or how to do it, because I'm an adult now, and I got to do what's best for my Cerebral Palsy, with the support I have now.

Taking the control back is hard, and not what I wanted to do, but in my case, I felt it needed to be done. In some instances, I had to tell my Dad to ''STOP IT'' because his nonsense about my Cerebral Palsy, and other topics, was getting to me. My Dad, and other family, had to know they no longer had a ''say'' or control in my care, because not only am I an adult, but I'm not in his care.

I felt it was my responsiblity to tell my Dad, and family members this, because I needed to have that control back in my own life. I felt empowered when telling them this. I will continue to empower myself, and take control back, with the continued support I currently have!

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