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Rated: E · Poetry · Drama · #2279650
A poem of two lovers fighting for their lives and each other.
Lost within the shadow of a dream
Dancing upon the sunshine of a moonlit laser beam
With you.
Locked within your whirlwind heart,
Forever grasping lovers in the dark,
Inside the silhouette of the jumbo jet
Trapped against the darkness
But they ain't done yet
With you.
Baby, I'll fight the world for you
Lay down my very soul
Shots ring out through the dark
Horror of the blood, it comes in spurts and starts
Clutching each other one last time
How can I make time stop?
How can I make life start?
Deafening daylight, brings back shock
Bring on the dark, just one more time
Kiss me once more, with your hand in mine
This last time. Together one last time.
To dance in the shadows of a dream
Upon the sunlit moon beams
Where dreams and forever meets
There we'll see each other again
Don't cry, I'm not dead
Cold ground can't hold me
Earth around can't control me
I'm waiting here on the edge
Standing by the gates of heaven
Fighting off the gates of hell
Until we meet again.
We'll stride through the gates of paradise together
I will never let go of forever
Waiting to hold you, once more.
To kiss you.
To be near you again.
Don't cry,
It's only till the end.
Then me and you, we will begin again
Our eternity together, with you.

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