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Did you have a doll like this,
I have been sitting in this old rocking chair by the window for so long the sun has faded my yellow dress. My red ribbons in my hair have faded to a dull pink. I can't remember the last time I was picked up so I could stretch my legs. I was once a beautiful teddy bear with rich brown fur and clear blue eyes. In the beginning my youngster played with me every day and I was allowed to sleep with her at night. I enjoyed that because it was scary at night with all the shadows on the wall. After my youngster started growing up I was left in the rocking chair more and more. It was scary there by myself and I waited for someone to pick me up, but no one did. So, I sat there all alone and felt sad. I could look out the window and watch as my youngster played with her friends. I remembered when we would go outside, play, have picnics and tea parties. Now she rides bikes, plays hopscotch and hide-n-seek.

I sit in this chair everyday hoping that she will come and take me with her on a picnic or just outside. We had such good times when she was younger. The old tire swing in the oak tree was our favorite place to play. We would soar so high I was afraid I would fall but, she always held me close to her and I never did. Once on a picnic beneath the same oak we had tea and strawberry jam sandwiches. I got jam all over my dress and she laughed and laughed. "Silly old bear you have made a mess." she would say. Into the house we would go and I would get a new dress and she would comb my fur till the jam was all gone. Those are the days I remember as I sit here now.

The bedroom door opens, and she comes in, she has fallen from her bike and scraped her knee. Her mom washes away the dirt and puts a bandage on it. The little girl lies down on her bed, her mom reaches for me and places me on the bed with her. She pulls me close and hugs me then drifts off to sleep. As I lay there, I was reminded of the times when she was younger and all the fun we had together. I understand now that she is growing up and doesn't need me as much. She may not play with me anymore but, she still needs a friend to cuddly with. One day the door to her room will open and in will walk another little girl who needs a friend, and I will be here for them both.
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