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A few thoughts that have mot became poems yet,
These are little poems or sayings I wrote myself from taking random words and putting them together.

Flowers blossom with rain and sunshine
People blossom with love and compassion

Constant sorrow upon an unyielding soul will bring about the destruction of a forgiving heart.

Upon an uncaring world falls a gentle rain that brings life to all dying things.

The world waits alone to be greeted by the tide from the forbidding and conflicting sea of reality.

Today I found nothing, but tomorrow I will love and laugh with the angels beyond mountains of golden flowers.

The wonder of a thousand stars upon the clouds above glisten down all God's love.

Shattering mirrors to the soul's existence allow her feelings of emptiness and confusion to evaporate into silence.

Thoughts of forgotten memories and hearts searching our every desire,
shelter us in love and life.

Changes happen in our life beyond our reach that seem like the planets crashing with the stars in heaven.

Miracles become real as every prayer escape for love you share in life and beauty your eyes find.

The everlasting darkness where illusions of countless memory and helpless feelings always awake the dreamer.

Seeds of emptiness, loneliness, restlessness hidden in a soul struggling to release love without the heart cannot endure without life.

Stars are heavenly lights that touch the watcher with lasting awe and awake the hopes of life.

Looking for sorrow and remorse, I see only images of memories in loved ones faces.

The gathering of souls silently unseen, fly across heaven with silver wings.

Verses of poetry will forever shape this moment of existence by thoughts of passionate writing that becomes the spirit of a wondering soul and shall take the nothingness away that lingers in my life.

In a moment of slumber, thoughts become dreams, visions of the soul's spirit that forever lingers in a shadow of the invisible doubt of existence.

A heart's sonnet speaks of hopes, sweet memories and lonliness.

Words spoken of pain, tears and grace bringing worthy of love; life.

The bard writing a sonnet of shadows and death
escapes into the world of sunlight and twilight breeze
The poet's written verse contains lines of love
and moments of shaded dreams.

Captured by a poet's verse
twilight contains wild dreams
shadows of the night
and evening breezes.

Twilight contains dreams
shadows of the night
scented evening breezes
life's moments of rest

Sunlight blankets the sky
wildflowers appear
trees sway from above
growth begins anew

Together both shape all
the world is free to escape
the harness of discord
and be herself.

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