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Best Friends, big dreams.
Are You Walking on the Moon?
WC 279

I slowly moved my arthritic fingers through my greasy, thinning hair. It needed a good scrub. I used to take such pride in my appearance back in the day…

As I sipped my Metamucil-laced prune juice cocktail, I got to thinking about my buddies, Tony and Joey. We were best friends all through grade school and high school. We had big plans, and nothing could stop these three small-town boys from Granger, Indiana.

“We'll build a plane and skydive into Mexico,” Tony would say, his eyes as big as saucers.

Then Joey would chime in with his dream, “We’ll find the mine the Dutchman went and lost.”

I, too, had oversized dreams. “And we’ll go walking on the moon!”

And then, in an eye blink, everything changed. Tony’s number came up for Vietnam and Joey fell in love with Ellie Prinkert. And that was that.

I moved on. What else could I do?

Earlier this evening, I started writing a letter to Tony to see if he ever got to skydive into Mexico. And, after that, I planned to write to Joey to see if he ever found the lost mine.

But that’s when I remembered they had both passed. I was the only one left.

My dream?

As a matter of fact, I have realized my dream. I’ve been to the moon a gazillion times…in my mind. Oh, and it is made of green cheese just like I thought.

Well, it’s been so great traveling down memory lane with you, but I really need to shower and then hit the hay. Have a good night.

I probably should have saved my cocktail for the morning. Oh, well.
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