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Sam Adam's Third Chance for Writer's Cramp
Sam Adams Third Changes
         Sam Adams was excited. *Ha* He was starting his third college after flunking his first year. *Cry* He felt that he had been a third and final chance to get it together.*Facepalm* He knew that he needed to get a degree in order to get a decent job.*Frown* He finally decided to change schools wanted to go to a traditional liberal arts college *Greetl*but did not want to live at home *Home*with his dysfunctional family.*Irritated* wanted to be close enough, *RollEyes*so he could go home on weekends *Cool* and maintain contact with old friends *Delight*but wanted to meet new people *Inlove* and explore new things.*Jamming* He might even join a fraternity. *Meh* He was interested in politics *Sloth*and wanted to perhaps go to law school *Shark* after getting a BA degree. *Thinker* And he thought he might do the Peace corps *Peace* later or perhaps the military, or FBI *Police* Lots of things to decide as he went to college with his best friend helping him out by driving him to college.

         And that was the beginning of his final four years of college. He finally got his grades up, recovered from his failed first year, met some life-long friends, became a student political leader, hosted many parties *Party* at his house which was an anti-frat co-ed fraternity, drank too much beer, *Bottle2*tried many new things and learned a lot including of course mastering his political science major classes. And he did join the Peace Corps, and later the Foreign Service after graduate school and service in South Korea *Countrykr* where he met the lady of his dreams. *Crazy*

         Based loosely on my true story

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