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End-of-the-World Survival Blues
End-of-the-world Survival Blues

I got them
The end-of-the-world
End times coming
Climate change is real

Every day
More bad news
As Frank Zappa once wrote

“No one can deny
That trouble coming every day.”

I got them
The end-of-the-world

Turning on the news
Nonstop stories 24/7

About killer storms
Monster tornados
Super typhoons
Monsoon floods.

Wars, rumors of war
COVID running out of control
False prophets everywhere

Economies still reeling
Inflation out of control
Derange gunmen
Shooting up schools
Churches, mosques, temples
Shopping malls

Insurrection plots
Political madness
Spreading across the world.
Neo-fascism is on the move.

Oh yeah
I got them
End times coming

We all used to think
Climate change
Is a future threat.

Now it seems
To be real
Live and in living color.

No longer just
A disaster movie

I got them
The climate change blues

And now it seems real
Seeing whole towns disappearing
In fires, floods, and storm damages.

And near me
Roads closed
Apartments flooded
Subway shut down.

Apartment garage flooded
People drowned in their cars
Trying to escape.

Thousand-year storms
Coming every day
To a town near you

No one can escape
It seems so real
Is this the end?
Is our very survival
At stake?

Or will we somehow
Manage in the end
To solve our problems?

Will our descendants
Be living
In a post-apocalyptic world,

Looking back at the ruins
Of the old world
In their underground bunkers
Or on the Moon and Mars?

Oh, I got them
The survival blues.


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