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A Poem for Writer's Cramp
The ashes are gone
The twisted metal has been taken
The ghosts are all but memories
Life, it seems, goes on

Cramped and busy
People all around
Trapped by technology
Walking alone

Where were you then?
Where are you now?
Do you even remember
that day so long ago?

Traffic stood at standstill
Planes grounded all over
People fighting for their lives
and the lives of others

Our promises to never forget
seem a shadow of the past
Scarred over by time
Never quite healed

20 lines
9/11/22 Writer's Cramp - Winner for this prompt *Smile*
Prompt taken by City Sorrow
"...The concrete and steel of this city
Shelter not the things that I love.
Buildings lean over me, weight without pity.
They stifle the breath of my soul...."

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