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Running out of Pepperoni, really?

Running out of Pepperoni, really?

34 lines

One day, when Sam Adams
Was a child on a road trip.
With his somewhat dysfunctional family,

They stopped
for the night in Medford, Oregon,
Traveling from Berkeley
to Yakima, Washington.

Where his father had a summer cabin
And to visit with his sister and brother-in-law
Who ran the family fruit business.

They went to the only pizza joint
That was open
Most places closed by 9 pm
In what was a sleepy town.

And ordered a pizza.
with pepperoni toppings,
It took a long time to come
The kids were hungry.

Sam’s father went to the manager
Asking why it was taking so long
He apologized saying they had run.
Out of pepperoni

and had sent someone
To the store to get some more.

When the pizza came out
He apologized and said
He would give us a 50 percent discount,
His Father said that was fine.

And they enjoyed the pizza
Which was not that bad.

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