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Poetic Traditions Poetry Contest - Metrical Rhyming Poetry - September 2022
Synchronized beats alluding to the rhythm
has categorized itself by
counting several beats per measure;
it's the part that I can treasure.
Making me feel better, I tap my toes;
it satisfies my desire to sing a song;
it's time for everyone to sing along.

It's time to jog my way down the trail;
for every step is a tale to tell.
The quest for my journey is to
survive the test that life has to offer.
My dream of hope continues to follow
the longing I have for us to cope,
by ending the fear that we all face.

Urging myself to get in the groove,
gives me the willingness to improve.
If by chance, I don't make the list,
I have to insist to keep on going.
When I'm stumped by what to write,
I get pumped up by something new;
this is my prerogative and my delight.

The notion I have for me to continue
is the plan I have to get into motion.
Any grievances that come my way
is to get rid of them; they don't have to stay.
My lingering thoughts, all seem to matter;
it gives me the courage to indulge in chatter;
the conversations help me to grow.

Frustrations come, frustrations go,
when they hit, it's not easy,
especially when I throw a fit.
Calming down is the thing to do;
it helps to get my juices flowing,
inspiring me to get out the pen,
knowing it's time to settle back in.

It's time for the frost to show its colors,
it will be cold, this is true;
it's the best time, it has been told
to brave the weather with the chill.
Why did they name the frost Jack?
Is it because he's so cold?
Stand up to him, I must be bold.

When I feel insecure, I must not fret;
when I do, I may regret
the feeling of not being stable;
it gets me thinking that I'm not able.

Synchronized beats get me in tune;
the words are right, and the music is good.
It says that it's fine, I'm understood;
they're my words, they're beginning to shine.

50 Lines

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Thursday, September 22, 2022

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