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Understanding the why of it all, I think
The Grinch

The Grinch hateful,mean and just plain not nice or at least that’s what we are told
However maybe just maybe there’s more to unfold
He was despicable and despised by all in the town not just most
He hated their joy because they didn’t include him
They sang,danced and celebrated all without him
The gave him not a second thought
So therefore he was bitter
It also seemed to him that they were rubbing their joy in his face
He seemed capable of love however because he loved his dog Max
So seemingly he wasn’t all bad

He feed the dog,provided him with company and gave the dog a home
Someone so lost and hateful won’t love anyone you would think
However he was just hurt that’s what drove his hate
Hurt by their rejection and their indifference
Christmas is about Christ,love and family supposedly however not for him
It was just a reminder of all his pain,dismay and rejection
They never showed any love to him for 53 years or so the story goes
That could make you bitter for sure

Maybe the issue didn’t only lie with the Grinch
Maybe we should give every Grinch a second thought no matter if it’s Christmas or not
Maybe our love will make the difference you see
No one should have to wait 53 years for true love and happiness
If he hadn’t tried to steal Christmas you see he would most like still be all alone
The stealing of Christmas was the start of his blessing and the end of his pain

They never really saw him in all his pain until he brought back the gifts
Then the saw that he thought he had been stiffed
They never really opened up their hearts to him until that day
Closed hearts and a heart 3 sizes too small
Clearly everyone needed a little healing that day
The Grinch clearly just needed some love and a little understanding
The Who’s needed a little more compassion
The moral-is make room for everyone even those not like you and even maybe a

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