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Everyone in Plunketville thought the old run-down house on Greely Road to be haunted. They never saw anyone living there. The kids would always ride their bikes up to the fence but would go no further. You could tell at one time it had been a nice house with a large garden and a barn. The old windmill still stood out back of the house, it was broken in some places, but if the wind blew hard enough you could still see it move. Nobody from town, adult or child had ever been inside the fence. The story was that an old man had lived there years ago, and people had nicknamed him, Grouch, because he was always complaining about everything. No one had seen him since the sheriff had been out to the house and declared it unsafe to live in. Some say the old man is still there and hides when anyone comes riding by.

One day a boy named George McGee thought he would be brave and ride up the drive to the old house to see if he could see the old man. As he approached the house, he saw a huge sunflower growing near the porch. He got off his bike and walked up the steps to open the door, as he did, a loud piercing siren went off. This scared George so much he fell backwards off of the porch. As he got up and reached for his bike, a huge black crow landed on the ground in front of him. The crow began flapping his wings and cawing loudly. With the crow cawing and the siren blasting, George grabbed for his bike and made a bee line down the drive. Needless to say, he had quite a story to tell all his friends. Of course, they didn't believe him, they thought he was making it up. George decided he would have to dare his friends to go back to the old house with him. Then they see he was telling the truth. George dared his best friend Joey Barlow to go with him. Now you know, as a young boy if you are dared to do anything, you best do it regardless. Finally, it was decided that Joey and George would go out to the old house the very next morning. The rest of their friends would go along so they could be sure that George and Joey went up to the house and tried to open the door.

The next morning the two boys and their friends all headed out to Greely Road. As they all approached the fence, George became a little nervous. He couldn't help but shake a little. They all came to a sudden stop just outside of the fence. George and Joey rode up the drive-in silence. Stopping in front of the house, Joey got off of his bike first and went up the steps. George covered his ears, because he knew what was coming. As Joey reached for the doorknob, nothing, no siren, no crow, nothing happened. Great George thought, now they will never believe me. Joey turned the knob, but the door wouldn't open. This was a relief to both boys, as neither wanted to be met by an old man or worse a ghost. George could not understand why the siren had not gone off and where was that huge crow? From the fence the others had seen everything and decided to venture up the drive themselves. George could hear them laughing. How could he prove to them that he had said was true? Just then the black crow flew down from a tree limb and began cawing and chasing kids everywhere. Then out of nowhere the siren began blaring and kids scattered. Joey fell off the porch backwards and the others were screaming and trying to get away from the crow. George just sat there and laughed. It was so funny to see all his friends trying to ride down the drive with the crow chasing them. George and Joey rode down the drive side by side and never spoke a word. The kids never went back to the old house, though they rode by now and then to see if they could see the old man. To this day the old house, the siren and the huge black crow remain a mystery that may never be solved. Do you know the answer to the Plunketville mystery? By the way the kids nicknamed the crow "Grouch."

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